Saucify Slots

Saucify is a world-renowned developer and provider that prides itself on the production of premium slot machine games and casino software to the ever-expanding online iGaming industry. Saucify is a privately owned company, funded by a successful and well-respected private equity group based in the UK, and 4 Angel investors. They are proud innovators of online casino gaming software solutions and have earned a world-class reputation for excellence through their philosophy, expertise, and experience. Their technology conglomerate offers the combined knowledge of a team of like-minded entrepreneurs that are all leaders in the field of casino software development. Their management organization consists of some of the most prosperous guides and innovators in the iGaming industry. Saucify has a distinct advantage; they know what operators require, what they want, and don't want, which pitfalls to avoid, and what the online casino world look for in quality gaming software solutions. Saucify offers 21st-century engineering, an absolute refusal to accept limitations, and a commitment to the highest level of online casino entertainment software with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of what online casinos and their players genuinely enjoy. Their game library is always growing, and we have handpicked some of their best online slot games they have to offer. Saucify offers many types of online casino games, such as classic slots and video slots. They offer games such as 7 Chakras, a 5 Coin, 49 active pay line slot, based on the energy centers, otherwise known as the "whirlpool of energy." The game mainly focuses on players harnessing all of their spiritual energy and harnessing its full capabilities to align all 7 of their Chakras, which are the focal points in the subtle body used in a variety of ancient meditation techniques. Through such meditation and yogic practices, the subject activates these various body Chakras. It's most notable features include; a free spin ascension feature game, up to x7 free spin Multipliers, and the ability to win up to 36 free spins. This particular virtual online casino game is a double direction video slot, which isn't as common as you might assume. With a double high wild x2 multiplier and many other ways to stack up your chips, you can win up to 101, 250 coins in this illuminating and enlightening game. Another one of our favorite Saucify slot games from their vast repertoire is Age of Spartans, the theme of this video slot machine game is reminiscent of the Hollywood blockbuster film '300'. It recalls the tale of the ancient Spartan Battle of Thermopylae between an alliance of Greek city-states, led by King Leonidas of Sparta, and the Persian Empire of Xerxes I that spanned over three days. It took place simultaneously with the naval battle at Artemisium, in August or September 480 BC, at the narrow coastal pass of Thermopylae ('The Hot Gates'). This nine reel and active pay-line game has a wild x2 Multiplier, offers players the chance to win up to 50,000 Coins, and up to 15 free spins. Important to note, there is also a sequel to The Age of Spartans slot on our site, aptly named: Rise of Spartans. If you're a fan of the animal kingdom and its various species that roam the wild and tumultuous jungle, Big Game is probably our sites slot game that's tailor-made for you. This particular slot is one of the most played and popular slots on our site, boasting a near-flawless 4.8-star (out of five) rating, and features symbols and icons representing the animal kingdoms entire food chain from top to bottom. In other words, Big Game is a virtual video slot machine game based around the African plains of the Savannah and the multitude of animals that inhabit it. A friendly, colorful cartoon styled slot with a clear hierarchy of symbols starting with the King of The Jungle the Lion and ending with the cute and cheeky meerkat. This 15 coin, 30 line slots most notable features include; a wild x2 multiplier, the chance to win up to 90,000 Coins, and up to 20 free spins. Saucifys slot machine games feature the ability to "auto-spin" and a gameplay type called "turbo-mode" for the impatient gamers who want the next turn to fall in line as fast as humanly possible. Other games that round out their library featured on our site include; Elemental 7, a slot that deals with the elements that form the very complex world we live in and continuously grasp to understand. Gems N Jewels is a 5 Coin, 50 Line Saucify slot that boasts a 4.4-star rating and centers around collecting precious gemstones. A few of Gems N Jewels' notable features include; the ability to win up to 37,500 coins, 30 free spins with many Wild and Scatter icons that vastly increase your odds of winning the big bucks. With the numerous other games they have developed that appear on our site, such as Lucky Leprechaun, Monkey Business, Mrs. Greens Plant Emporium, and Samba Spins, you are sure to find your favorite Saucify slot on SlotsandCasino. Other notable slots such as Sweet Success, Tales of Time Travel, and Tanzakura are a few more of the most exciting games we have featured that we would strongly recommend our players. However, if you are a fan of crime-solving, you might want to try out Traces of Evidence, one of Saucify's most intriguing slots featured on SlotsandCasino. Overall, Saucify is a highly respected and world-class video slot developer and provider we trust, and with whom we will continue to have a healthy working relationship.