Bright Star

4.5 out of 5 stars.
Developed by Saucify, Bright Star is a simple 3-row, 3-reels slot game with a rigid total of 5 paylines. An array of bright stars sparkling in the night sky form the minimal yet interesting theme of the game, where the stars or reel symbols float in and out of the space. There is no fixed playing grid-like other slot games. The pitch-black background features a few orbs of light floating around. This offers a stark relief from other slot games as well and speaks of the game’s intention as a low-key entertaining mix.

Other than their colors, the star symbols of the slot do not differ a lot. The Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Bronze, Silver, and Gold stars do not spin like other common slot games; rather, they fly in and out to occupy spots on the screen. The wild symbol on the game is a multi-colored star. It can replace all other stars to form new winning combinations on the reels. When three multi-colored stars line up on the middle column, this triggers the Bright Star Bonus round, fetching for players extra rewards.

Bright Star is a low-key slot game with an average return to player of around 95.21% and 5 fixed paylines in all. Players can choose the Fire Games option to opt for the number of games they want to play and at what bet value. This unique and subtle space-themed game is perfect for a relaxing slot gaming experience.

Game provider Saucify
Game platform
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Game reviews

October 03, 2021
Bright star
When looking for a relaxing, low-key slot game to indulge in, you need to look no further than Bright Star. This standard 3x3 video game has been developed by Saucify and offers a total of 5 fixed paylines to players. Breaking from the traditional way of slot game symbols spinning on rigid grids, in Bright Star, the symbols simply fly in and out. The minimalistic dark backdrop with a few orbs of light floating around along with subtle sound effects adds to the oddly relaxing vibe of the game.

The symbols in the slot game are bright stars of different colors – red, green, blue, purple, bronze, silver, and gold. The multi-colored star is the wild in the game, which can replace any other stars, thus creating new winning combinations. Besides, the landing of three such symbols on the middle column leads to the bonus round where players can register additional wins.

Bright Star slot game offers an RTP of 95.21% which is slightly more than the average among online slot games. There is an extra feature called Fire Games, which allows players to choose how many games they wish to play and at what bet value. The graphics, soundtrack, and simple theme of the game makes for a relaxing slot experience.