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At SlotsandCasino we pride ourselves in offering you the best and most extensive selection of not only table and card games, but also one of the most vast range of premium real money casino slots to satisfy your needs. We are proud to work in concert with some of the best recognized, world-renowned, and highly touted real money video slot casino developers such as DragonBetSoftSpinomenalSaucify, Qora, and Rival. You might be familiar with video slot machines from your local bar, tavern, or even your local brick and mortar casinos you enjoy frequenting when you get the itch to play virtual slot machine games. All the colorful sights, sounds, bells & whistles you are accustomed to at the local casinos and have grown so fond of are here to play, whether it's from the comfort of your home, or anywhere else with the help of your favorite online casino site with your trusty mobile phone, they are all a few clicks away. We offer many different types of real money slot machine games at our online casino, so let's go through the different types and best variations to boot. 

Classic Three Reel Slots; they are the more traditional types of real money slots that you might often associate with olden-time casinos. As the name states, these real money video slot machines only have three active reels and usually just a few possible winning lines. These are the easiest to understand and get started with if you're a beginner slot player who's never even visited any of your local casinos. These games are the classiest, very entertaining to play, simple, and often use classic casinos recognizable themes such as BARS, fantastic fruits, and 7s. 
If you're for real about getting into slots, we would advise you to start with a three-reel real money online slot machine game to get accustomed to the playstyle before jumping into the more complicated slot games. The pure nature of the pay tables and the relatively big jackpot payouts that most of them offer are an excellent reason to start with a three-reel online slot machine game. But don't get it twisted either; many of our seasoned online casino slot machine players love these classic three-reel slot machines all the same. 

Video Slots
Video Slots are the natural evolution of the classic three-reel real money slot machines. Most of these slots have (but not all the time) 5 reels and usually offer way more active paying lines you can select, sometimes up to 20 more lines than the classic three-reel real money slot machines. Video slots get the name from the fact they are virtual as opposed to mechanical reels in land-based casinos. The fact our real money slot machine games are virtual enables video casinos slots to be much more dynamic and visually stunning. Not to mention a tun of cool sound effects and wildly entertaining animated bonus rounds to enrich your whole gaming experience. 

3D Slots
These are another variation of real money slots that include more reels, animated backgrounds, cool theme-specific icons, wild bonus rounds in fully animated and rendered 3D graphics. (Instead of the more classic 2D graphics of most regular online video slot machine games.) Comparing 3D slot machine games to 2D slots would be like comparing the computer-generated graphics of a modern Pixar movie to a 1990's Disney animated film. Our 3D slot machine game library is vast and has some of the very best online casino slot machine games produced by industry-leading online real money casino game developers such as Bet-Soft, Saucify, Spinomenal, and Rival. 

Progressive Slots
Progressive Slots have what we call progressive jackpots. Progressive jackpots are winning that are in constant flux due to small contributions from bets by its players that just keep piling up until that lucky someone wins the sometimes gigantic jackpot.
When you play a progressive jackpot and spin real casino money on a slot machine game, a small percentage of that bet you place is contributing to said progressive jackpot. Not only is there no limit to the sheer size of these progressive jackpots on most online casinos, they can often get tremendously huge. Progressive casino slot machine games are massively popular with lottery enthusiasts and players who want to play for that really big win. 

Slot Machines always rely on mathematical models to determine their odds; the online casino gaming community refers to these as "random number generators" for the randomness of each of their possible outcomes. 
The mathematics here is the volatility of the slot and hence, the likelihood of winning regular, small wins, or sometimes very substantial jackpot winnings. 
The variety of these math models that offer the variation in the slot machine games we offer makes some slots more attractive to some players, and other slot machine games more appealing to different types of players. 

So dive into the excitement, play to win, and keep up with the new slots we are continually adding to our vast and always-growing directory of online slot machine games that we are sure will blow your mind. 

As far as the best strategies, you should probably start with the classic three-reel slot machine games and move up to the video, 3D slots, and progressive slot machine games from there once you've learned the basics of playing online slots at the best online casino there. 
There are many strategies and ways of playing online slot machine games, both smartly and efficiently. Playing smart means not always betting high on every single spin, you should spin betting less on a few turns and progressively go with bigger bets per turn when you feel a big spin coming your way. If you chose to bet lower amounts on all your spins, you would most likely miss out on that massive win that is most probably coming your way. 
If you do chose to bet big on every single spin you play, you should make sure you have a big fat casino bankroll, as this is how many seasoned players win big and never miss out on that lucky turn that is mathematically coming to you eventually. If you know what types of games work better for your style of play, keep them in mind, you can always try out new and unfamiliar online slot machine games, but you can always go back and play your favorite money makers. 
Another good strategy is playing the progressive slot machine games we offer, as they often have a giant jackpot waiting on the other side of the rainbow and can win you much more money than the regular slots. 
If you have a particular strategy, feel free to implement it while playing slots on our site as many players feel out the grooves and figure out which of our real money slot machine games work the best for their style of play. 

Bonuses are our way of thanking you for playing online slots on our casino and providing you with more bang for your buck and rewarding you for your continued patronage.
Here at SlotsandCasino, we offer you a vast range of bonuses spanning across several different bonus types.

Wagering Requirements
Wagering requirements, often referred to by online casinos as "play through" or "rollover" are terms players have to meet before being able to cash out their slot machines winnings that come from a bonus. These often entail wagering a specific amount of money, usually a multiplier of the gift, or in the case of a match bonuses, bonus plus activating deposit. You can always go to your account to see how much playthrough (or rollover) you still need to play through before being able to cash out your winnings. We do have to enforce restrictions to protect ourselves, as in a perfect world, there would not be playthrough added to bonuses at all, but sadly due to players who would take advantage of our generosity by claiming bonuses at our online casino and instantly cashing them out. 
That said, here at SlotsandCasino we continuously try to keep our play through terms as low as humanly possible to offer you, the player, a fair balance amidst protecting ourselves and still providing you the best chances to win and then cash out said casino winnings.
If you don't wish to have this playthrough, as your best option, we suggest you deposit real money to play with on our online casino without using a bonus. 

Bonus Restrictions 
Bonus restrictions, as the name says, is the restrictions that some bonuses have on allowed games you can or can't play. In a lot of cases, online casino slot machines with a higher RTP (Return To Player) require a more significant wagering to meet said requirements. You might find that we have entirely excluded some of our online slot machine games from the games you can play when using some of our bonuses. So, if you wish to play one of the excluded slots machine games on your particular bonus, we suggest you either chose a one that allows you to play said game. Or deposit real money without using a bonus to play your favorite slot machine game. Either way, there are many ways to take advantage of our many bonuses and welcome bonuses to maximize your chance of winning big. Keep in mind that real money slots on our online casino, like casual games, have a 100% wagering contribution. 

Bonus Types
I will outline the best types of bonuses we offer at SlotsandCasino, you will be able to choose which one fits your style of play best.

Match Bonuses, also referred to by online casinos as "deposit match bonuses" or simply "deposit bonuses," are when a casino or sportsbook matches a players deposit with its own money. Match Bonuses are the most common types of premium bonuses found on online gaming casino sites such as SlotsandCasino. Often these types of bonuses are outlined as multipliers of said deposit amount. For example, when you deposit $100 on a 50% match bonus, that would give you an additional $50. Match bonuses are invariably linked to a deposit, and the playthrough on said bonuses continue to develop as the equivalent rate of the premium does. The playthrough requirements on deposit match bonuses are typically a multiplier of said bonus, plus the deposit amount. For example: your wagering requirements would be 25 times your bonus + your deposit. If you deposited $100 and took advantage of a 50% match bonus, your wagering requirement would be a playthrough of 25 x (100 + 50), which would equal = 3750. 

No Deposit Bonuses
No deposit bonuses, commonly referred to as merely "Chips" or sometimes "Free Chips," are bonuses not tied to a specific deposit. These bonuses are often casino loyalty rewards and awards for tournaments or just another chance to win for our loyal online players who continue to patronize our online casino. Wagering requirements on no deposit bonuses are often higher than those for match bonuses. Simply because they are entirely free bonus money, which does not require an activating deposit, and hence the potential for abusing them is very high. 

Free Spins
Just like No Deposit bonuses, free spins are not tied to an online deposit. Casino playthrough requirements on free spins are usually only applied to wins from said free spins and are a multiplier of the winning amount. For example, 30X (Free spins winnings) equals = your wagering requirements. It is important to note that, during your free spins, your real casino account balance will be hidden and your free spins will be displayed temporarily.

Free Cash
Free cash is the simplest bonus type; it is quite literally just free money deposited into your player account. There are no wagering requirements on said bonuses, and they are generally a "thank you" from the good people at SlotsandCasino casinos. 

Sticky Bonuses
This kind of bonus is more of a modification of a bonus than an actual bonus. In this case, the term "sticky" just means that the bonus amount granted cannot be withdrawn in the case of a win.
If you claim a 50% sticky bonus and deposit $100, you will start with $150. For example, if you win and bring your balance up to $1000, (providing you've met the wagering requirements of the bonus), you will be able to cash out your casino winnings. In this case, the sticky part of your bonus you initially received ($50) will be removed from your balance on cashout, and you will be able to withdraw the rest ($950).

Max Cashout Bonuses
In the case of a massive deposit match or free chips, there are max cash limits added to our bonuses. Casinos bonuses have restrictions with limits on the amount you can play and win from playing. You are free to play and enjoy these bonuses, but again be aware that when you play and win, the amount you're allowed to withdraw after you play some restrictions might bound your game of choice. 

Vast Library (and recommended real money casino slot machines to play) 
SlotsandCasino (the mother of all online casinos) offers a vast array of online slot machine games for you to play, 3-reel slots, 5-reel slots, hell, even 9-reel slots! If you want to browse our casinos' massive library of slots, you should take a look at these following 2D, 3D, and video slot machine games.

3-Reel Slots
As far as 3-reel slots, which we highly recommend to our new players to try first and ease their way into the learning curve of playing slots, we have games such as Almighty Dollar. Almighty Dollar is an exciting 3-reel slot that features a heavenly theme, with five active pay lines. Floating above humanity in the soft clouds are two angels shining down their good fortunes upon you, with a winged lion standing guard. Along with the angels are halos, trumpets, harps, and divine 7's. 
Almighty Dollar also features a 3X wild icon, and free spins. Hit two free spin icons, and you'll get seven free spins. When you hit three free spin icons, you'll get 21 free spins, Holy cow! Just try it already, for heaven's sake.
Other 3-reel slots you should try are Big Cash win, Bust-A-Vault, Crazy Camel Cash, Fantastic Fruit, Five Times Wins, Global Cup of Soccer, Hot Hand, and Winsanity. 

Betsoft Slots 
Betsoft is one of the best online casino video slot developers on the planet, and boy do we have some doozies for you in this category. 
A lot of Betsofts' slot machine games are extremely well animated and tend to have fully rendered 3D designs and even movie-like intros. 
Some of their best slots include A Night in Paris, Arrival, Aztec Treasures, and Birds, just to name a few of Betsofts. One slot game in particular that you should immediately play is Chilipop, the cluster-based, cascading slot game with a secret ingredient: an expanding grid offering tuns of explosive new ways to win.
The bonuses and free spins in this real online money casino slot game are off the chain, and the screen just keeps getting bigger to fit more vegetable icons and wild donkeys. Trust me on this one; you want to play this online slot machine game with real money. Do keep in mind though Chilipop is not available to play if you use a match bonus, so you might want to put in some real money without a premium just to try it. 

Spinomenal Slots
Spinomenal is another great online casino game developer that is best known for its visually stunning video slot machine games. Try out 8 Lucky Charms, Demi Gods 2, Greedy Servants, Lilith's Passion, Samurai's Faith, and Wild Wild Spin as they are all excellent real money casino games.

Saucify Slots 
Saucify is yet another leader in the development of real money slot casino gaming, and we have you covered when it comes to their best games to play.
7 Chakras is a great one to try; it uses the yogic practices of alignment of your bodies seven chakras and offers excellent ways to win free spins. Other great games by Saucify in our arsenal include; Age Of Spartans, Rise Of Spartans, Tales of Time Travel, Traces of Evidence, and Zodiac. 

SlotsandCasino is, without a doubt, one of the best online casinos to play your favorite real money slot machine games. 
Now casino night can be every night; we have slot machines as far as the eye can see.
You won't be needing to visit any local casinos as you can play from the comfort of your home.
We are confident you will agree that SlotsandCasino is one of the best online casinos.
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