Tales of Time Travel

4.8 out of 5 stars.
Tales of Time Travel is a "steam punk styled time travel" themed game set in the 1800s, inspired by the 1960s film ‘The Time Machine’.

This is a standard 5x3 reel video slot offering our *NEW* Reel Reversal video slot; Win up to 14 Free Spins X2; 5 Coin; 40 Line; Double High Wild.

Reel Reversal video slot Description:
This new eye-candy free spins feature launches the reel spins in a reversed sequence and sends them spinning visually in reverse.
These effects convey the weirdness and disorientation that comes with travelling backwards through time.
Game provider Saucify
Game platform
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Oh, we just can’t get enough of time travel. It’s in movies, TV shows, books, video games. It’s an alluring prospect and we all secretly wish we could do it. And we suppose that’s why Saucify has decided to take inspiration from the old H.G. Wells classic novel “The Time Machine” and turn it into a slot machine. Set in Victorian times like the novel itself, we see a panorama of London with Big Ben looming in the distance.