The Cash King

4.3 out of 5 stars.
Developed by Saucify, The Cash King is a standard 5-reels, 3-row slot game that steers clear of any fancy, “in-your-face” themes for its reels. It is all about making good old cash on a slot game. The total number of paylines is capped at 10, with a 5x3 grid displaying a variety of symbols. The game is quite fast-paced with plenty of bonuses and features to make the most of. Players can win huge prizes, in keeping with the title of the game, and become cash kings.

In the backdrop is what appears to be a treasure land, with coins and bundles of notes piled in stacks all around, for as far as you can see in the distance. The humongous number of treasures literally form mountains as the scene recedes into the horizon. There are two types of wild symbols in the slot game – stacked and random. The stacked wild can substitute all symbols on the reels except the scatter, while the random wild makes any symbol into a wild for that spin.

The symbol which has “Cash Stash” written across it acts both as the Scatter symbol and the feature. Getting 3 or more identical Cash Stash symbols anywhere on reels activates the feature round, where players can win additional prizes proportional to their bet size when the round was triggered. The “gamble” feature is another USP of the game, especially for those who wish to try their luck and get double the amount of their bets when the reels stop spinning.

Apart from these highly rewarding symbols, there are other high-paying symbols on the slot as well. These include a wallet, a piggy bank, a piggy bank, and a pile of treasures, with both notes and coins stacked together. It is this symbol that is the highest paying among all. The Cash King also features some low-paying symbols in the form of playing card icons of J, Q, K, and A. There is a variation of coin sizes on the game from 0.01 to 0.50, which is not too expansive yet adequate to accommodate different budgets. There is a cap of 5 coins per line and 10 total paylines on the game, while bets can range from $0.01 to $25. All wins are from left to right, leaving the Scatter symbol, which pays both ways – left to right as well as the right to left.

Game provider Saucify
Game platform
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There are only a few online slot games that offer a recluse from wild and vibrant themes and stick to something basic. The Cash King is doing things differently with a theme as simple as “making money”. The 5-reels, 3-row slot game offers a maximum of 10 paylines on its money-themed slot but offers enough features and rewards to make up for it.

In the backdrop is what you can call a land of treasures, with coins and currency note bundles lying all around. The number of treasures is so huge that you can see them literally forming heaps and mountains as they recede in the distance. Apart from this backdrop, the overall appearance of the slot is simple and almost monochromatic. There are two kinds of wild symbols – a unique feature when compared to other slot games – and these the random and the stacked wild symbols.

The random wild symbol can turn any other symbols on the reels into a wild for that round. The stacked wild symbol, on the other hand, substitutes other symbols other than the scatter, creating new winning combinations for players to benefit from. The scatter symbol is the one with ‘Cash Stash’ written across it, and it also acts as the feature symbol, activating a special round on the slot game which rewards players with cash prizes in proportion to the bet size that triggered the feature game in the first place. Yet another feature, called the ‘gamble’ feature, allows players to double their wins once the reels have stopped spinning.

The Cash King also has certain other symbols on its reels, such as a piggy bank, a trunk loaded fully with cash, and a stack of riches comprising both coins and note bundles. The latter is the highest paying of them all. There are also some low-paying symbols on the game, that include playing card icons such as J, Q, K, and A. With a maximum of 5 coins per line and total of 10 paylines, The Cash King offers payouts from left to right for all symbols other than the Scatter, which pays both ways. Coin sizes can vary between 0.01 and 0.50, while bet sizes can range from $0.01 to $25. In all, there is something for every budget on this game, making it a fun game for all.