How to play Roulette

Roulette is one of the easiest games to play in the casino while also being one of the most enjoyable. In order to play Roulette, you must first place a wager on a number (or set of numbers) ranging from 1 to 36. There are two additional numbers, 0 and 00, giving you 38 numbers in total. The colors from 1 to 36 are will either be black or red. Besides betting on a number or set of numbers, you also have the option of betting on either color, black or red. Once bets have been placed, the dealer spins the wheel, with a ball spinning in the opposite direction until it eventually slows down and falls into one of the numbered slots on the wheel. You are a winner if the ball lands on the number and/or color that you wagered on.

The rules of the game are quite straightforward. Once you’re got a handle on the rules, you will be able to figure out what betting strategy best suit your individual style.

The rules for playing Roulette are as follows:

You may wager on a single numbers or several at a time

You may wager on black or red along with a host of “outside” bets such as:
  • Odd or even numbers
  • Bet the split (bet on two adjacent numbers) (IMG)
  • Bet the street (Bet on three consecutive numbers in a horizontal line) (IMG)
  • Bet the corner/square (Bet on four numbers that meet at a corner on the board) (IMG)
  • Bet on numbers 1-18 (Low) or 19-36 (High) (IMG)
  • Dozen bets (1-12, 13-24, 25-36) (IMG)

Once the winning number and color have been determined, the dealer will put down a marker on the winning number. Only once the marker has been removed from the table can winnings be collected and another wager placed.

Roulette strategy

First of all, if you are a serious Roulette player, you most likely employ a strategy that you are comfortable with. What we want to let you know is your strategy is as good as any expert that claims to have figured out how to beat a Roulette table. Please be warned, there is not a single Roulette strategy that has been proven to work outside of the old days when a professional gamblers figured out the patterns of old school wheels which have all since been replaced. The most recent case, 30+ years ago, a few gentlemen used complicated mathematical pattern to beat a few casinos in Europe. For this reason, casinos worldwide now randomly change the wheel heads and pocket rings at tables not to mention they themselves track the results to make sure it is actually random. On top of all of this, you are playing online so none of these apply. They are however worth mentioning because we feel that if you have taken the time to read this, you should be warned against anyone trying to mislead you.
The best system you can use is understanding the odds of winning your bets + the payouts those bets would return. Based on that you can make a decision that is comfortable to your playing style so that you have fun playing as opposed to stressing yourself over an imaginary “system”. Enjoy your Roulette experience and choose the system that you enjoy. It’s just as good as any.

Payout structure:
  • Bet on any single number = 35 to 1 payout
  • The split = 17 to 1 payout
  • The street =11 to 1 payout
  • The corner = 8 to 1 payout
  • Dozen bets = 2 to 1 payout
  • 1-18 (Low) and 19-36 (High)= 1 to 1 payout
  • Red, Black, Odds, Evens = 1 to 1 payout

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