Casino Rules

We dislike rules as much as the next person, but such is the nature of online gambling that we must enforce some rules to remain operational and protect ourselves from fraud and abuse. Please do take the time to read these guidelines and be mindful of them while you enjoy our games and bonuses. As always, if you have any questions about the following please feel free to reach out to one of our friendly customer support staff and they’ll be happy to help.

General Guidelines
Legal jargon can be confusing, so we’ll try to summarize the general casino guidelines in plain language here for maximum transparency. That said, it is still important to read through the full Terms and Conditions in the Casino Rules section at least once.

1) Players must be at least 18 years old.
2) Different countries have different laws so please make sure you are legally allowed to gamble online in your Country and jurisdiction.
3) Only one account per household is allowed. If you require an additional account (such as for a family member) please notify us before opening the second account so that both accounts do not get flagged.
4) You must provide accurate account information. Accounts can be closed, and winnings confiscated if incorrect info is provided so be sure to provide accurate information.
5) The use of electric, robotic, or mechanical devices to automatically place bets is not allowed.
6) Keep your login info secure. We’re not responsible for any resulting losses if another player uses your password and login to access your account.
7) Your first name and last initial might be used in our marketing campaigns from time to time. An example of this might be our “Latest Winners” list. We will never use your last name.
8) Accounts with no activity for more than 1 year will be considered dormant and any balance will be cleared out.
9) We will occasionally email and SMS message you with information we think you might be interested in. If you don’t want this correspondence, please let us know and we’ll remove you from our list immediately.
10) If you have a problem with gambling, for your own sake we are not interested in your business and will be happy to assist you in getting help. Please contact us if you feel you have a problem.

11) Depending on your region payout times might vary slightly but we will always try to pay you as quickly as possible. It’s something we pride ourselves on.
12) When you win, we will request documentation to prove you are who you say you are and that we’re paying the right person. The sooner you get us this documentation the quicker we can pay you. In some circumstances we might require docs for deposits too.
13) Sometimes some payment methods charge fees on the player side. We are not responsible for these fees but will always try to pay in a method that minimizes these if possible.
14) Players who charge back can seriously damage a business. Accounts with chargebacks will be shut down unless the chargebacks are settled. Accounts linked to those with chargebacks can also be closed and winnings held.
15) Depending on your country and jurisdiction of residence, available withdrawal methods might have limits on the amount of money we’re able to send per day/week. That said, we pride ourselves in always getting winners paid as quickly as possible so if you have any questions about the withdrawal method that you are using please feel free to contact us.

16) We will only use the information you provide to determine the validity of your identity and verify activity under your name, in the case of chargebacks to collect sums of money owed to the casino by the player through a third party or when the law requires for the detection and prevention of crime.

Bonus Guidelines
1) When claiming a Match Bonus, please claim your bonus in the cashier before making your deposit.
2) Bonuses are offered to help our casual players get more play time for their money, or in some cases as rewards. Unfortunately, sometimes players will systematically use these bonuses to gain an advantage and cheat the house. It is for this reason that we employ “playthrough requirements” on most bonuses. Please familiarize yourself with these requirements before claiming any bonus. For more information on playthrough requirements please see the “Our Bonuses” page of our “Info and Tips” section.
3) While playthrough requirements help curb abuse, our bonuses and terms are created for casual players so sometimes even they are not enough to stop abusive players. If we find that a player is intentionally claiming bonuses and cashing out with a clear pattern, intending to cheat the house, we will either remove bonus eligibility, close the account,  remove winnings and balance.
4) If you have an active bonus and you make a deposit, your deposit will be held to the terms of the active bonus.
5) Players can’t claim two consecutive free chips in a row. All free chips must be followed with a deposit before another free chip is claimed.
6) Unless otherwise stated, the max cash out amount of a Free Chip under $100 is always $100. If the chip is over $100 the max cash out amount is the value of the Free Chip.
For example, the max cash out of a $20 Free Chip is $100 while the max cash out of a $200 Free Chip is $200.
7) Bonus money granted with Deposit Match bonuses is offered to provide more chances to win and more play time, it is non-cashable unless otherwise stated.
8) Players will not earn Reward Points on any free money play including cash back bonuses and free chips.