About our Bonuses

Bonuses are our way of providing you with more value for your money and rewarding you for your patronage. At SlotsandCasino we offer a truly remarkable range of bonuses across several different bonus types but before we get into that, we’ll give a brief explanation of how casino bonuses work and how to best use them to your advantage.
Wagering Requirements
Wagering requirements, often referred to as “rollover” or “playthrough” are the terms a player must meet before they are able to cash out their winnings from a bonus. These often involve wagering a certain amount of money, often a multiplier of the bonus or, in the case of match bonuses, bonus plus activating deposit.
In a perfect world we would not have to add playthrough to bonuses at all, but unfortunately due to players who would take advantage of our generosity by systematically claiming bonuses then immediately cashing out, we have to enforce these restrictions to protect ourselves. That said, unlike many other brands, at SlotsandCasino we will always keep our playthrough requirements as low as possible to offer a fair balance between protecting the casino and providing ample chances for our players to win and cash out.

Bonus Restrictions
Simply put, bonus restrictions refer to the restrictions bonuses have on allowed games. In many cases, games with higher RTP (return to player) require higher wagering to meet requirements, while in other cases some games are excluded completely. In some cases, bonuses restrictions can also refer to bonuses being restricted from play in certain countries that are known to have high rates of abusive players.
Like wagering requirements, bonus restrictions exist to protect the casino from advantage players. If this problem did not exist, there would be no need for restrictions on bonuses. As is the case with our wagering requirements, we try to put as few restrictions on bonuses as possible while still protecting ourselves from abuse.
Below you will find the list of game restrictions standard on most bonuses. You’ll notice that in most cases games are not actually “restricted”, they just require more wagering to meet requirements. Wagering Contributions This is the standard list outlining how wagering on each game type typically contributes towards bonus wagering requirements. Some bonuses might have a different set of wagering contributions. If so, they will be clearly outlined in the bonus description.
Game TypesContribution
Slots, Casual Games100%
Table Games (Unless Otherwise Stated)20%
Video Poker, Blackjack 10%
Roulette, Baccarat5%
Types of bonuses
While we try to be as creative as possible with our bonuses and promotional offers, most bonuses can be ultimately grouped into a few different categories.

Match Bonuses

Match bonuses, also known as “deposit bonuses” or “deposit match bonuses” as the name suggests are when a casino matches a player deposit with its own money. Match bonuses are often represented as multipliers of the deposit amount. For example, a match bonus of 50% would grant a player who deposited $100 an additional $50. Match bonuses are always linked to a deposit and the playthrough on them tends to increase as the value of the bonus does. Match bonuses are the most common type of bonus found at online gambling sites.
Playthrough requirements on deposit match bonuses are usually a multiplier of the bonus plus the deposit amount such as: 25 X (Bonus+Deposit) = Wagering Requirement

No Deposit Bonuses (Free Chips)
No deposit bonuses, also known as “free chips” or simply “chips”, are bonuses that are not tied to any deposit. They are often given as gifts for loyalty, awards for tournaments or in some cases to simply give players an additional chance to win. Wagering requirements on no deposit bonuses are often higher than those of match bonuses because they are completely free bonus money, not requiring an activating deposit therefore the potential for abuse is high.
Playthrough requirements on no deposit bonuses are usually a multiplier of the bonus amount such as: 40 X (Bonus) = Wagering Requirement

Free Spins
Similar to No Deposit bonuses, Free Spins are not tied to a deposit. Though unlike No Deposit Bonuses, Free Spins are granted as a number of spins on a particular game, rather than a dollar value. The amount per spin that a player can bet with free spins is often locked to a preset amount and sometimes even the games on which the free spins can be used are predetermined.
Playthrough requirements on free spins are usually only applied to wins from the free spins and are a multiplier of the win amount such as: 30 X (Free Spin Winnings) = Wagering Requirement

Kindly Note: During your Free Spins, your real account balance will be hidden, and your Free Spin wins will be temporarily displayed instead. Your balance will start at $0.00 at the beginning of your Free Spins activity and increase as you win on your Free Spins. At the end of your Free Spins, any winnings will be added to your existing balance, and the total amount will be displayed. Please be sure to complete your Free Spins before exiting any game.

Free Cash
Free cash is as simple as bonuses get, it’s literally just free cash deposited directly into a players account. Free cash bonuses can potentially have no wagering requirements, and occasionally may not even have bonus restrictions. While free cash bonuses tend to be rare due to the high possibility of abuse, loyal players will sometimes find they’re rewarded with free cash bonuses as a “thank you” from our team to them for their patronage.

Sticky Bonuses
Occasionally you will see the term “sticky” used when referring to a bonus. This is not actually a type of bonus as much as it is a modification of a bonus. When a bonus is “sticky” it simply means that the bonus amount granted cannot be withdrawn in the case of a win. So, for example, if you claim a 50% sticky match bonus and deposit $100 you will begin with $150. Let’s say in this example you have a couple big wins and bring your balance up to $1000. Provided you’ve met the wagering requirements of the bonus you are now free to cash out your winnings. In this case, because the bonus is “sticky” the bonus money you initially received ($50) will be removed from your balance on cashout and you will be able to withdraw $950.

Max Cash Out Bonuses
Often, in the cases of very large deposit match and free chips, there are max cash out limits added to bonuses. Simply put, bonuses with these restrictions have limits on the amount you can win from them. The max cash out amount is often a multiplier of the deposit plus bonus amount, or in the case of free chips, simply the bonus amount. Adding max cash outs to bonuses allows us to offer bonuses much larger than we’d be able to without these restrictions. This means that although the amount you can win from the bonus is limited, your likelihood of winning from the bonus is often increased due to the extra amount of play time you get from the large bonus.
Please enjoy these bonuses but again, be mindful that when you win, the amount that you’re able to withdraw might be limited. Always familiarize yourself with the terms of every bonus you claim before you deposit so you’re sure you’re claiming the bonus that’s right for you.

Players tastes in bonuses vary as wildly as game taste, so we encourage you to think about what's most important to you when you are playing games and choose your bonuses accordingly. Is longer game play with more chances to win more important to you, even if you get locked into wagering requirements? If so, then bigger match bonuses are likely for you. Conversely, do you like to play knowing that when you hit that big win you’ll be able to quickly cash out? Then maybe smaller match bonuses or even no bonuses at all is your best bet. Experiment and find out what works for you and always familiarize yourself with the requirements of the bonuses that you claim before you claim them to avoid confusion and have the best experience possible!