Gambling Solely for Entertainment: Tips and Guides

It seems almost redundant to talk about gambling as a form of entertainment, because in reality it doesn’t promise anything else but entertainment, except to the uncannily lucky few or the exceptionally skilled players (of a game that requires skill, of course). At SlotsandCasino online casino, we endorse responsible gambling and always emphasize the fun element of being a player.

What are the risks in Gambling?

While some people do get rich gambling, and actually make a living out of it, the majority of people will come away a little poorer, or possibly even a lot poorer, depending on their attitude towards risk taking. Even if it’s just by a few percentage points (the ‘house edge’), the odds are against you winning, and are often not in any gambler’s favor. So it’s really important to mentally prioritize the entertaining, exciting and fun aspects of gambling over the dreams of miraculously winning a fortune.

The History of Gambling

Gambling in one form or another is almost as old as human civilization itself, with evidence of this activity dating back to the Paleolithic period, well before the invention of writing! So if you feel a little itch to scratch a scratch card or blow on and throw the dice or spin the reels, it’s probably lingering somewhere in your ancient DNA.

Gambling Psychology

In fact, the act of gambling and gambling behavior is a much-studied subject of psychology; scientists want to know what drives the desire to gamble and what is considered the most rewarding aspect. In one survey of over 5,000 gamblers, the possibility of winning a lot of money was the major factor, but followed closely by feelings of excitement and fun that gambling engendered. Brain scans and other tests showed that even when gamblers were losing, their bodies still produced adrenalin and endorphins. Which proves that the thrills and enjoyment derived from gambling is not only about winning money!

Minimize Risk for Maximum FUN

So there’s the case for gambling as pure entertainment. So how do you maximise the enjoyment and extend the fun and excitement? If you’re going to a land-based casino, that’s probably not too difficult. Generally you’d go with friends or a partner, and there are bars, restaurants and other activities to enjoy. When it comes to the actual gambling, whether at tables or slots and poker machines, an essential tip is to give yourself a budget and stick to it. No trips to the ATM!

The Importance of Managing Risk

Ask yourself: how much am I comfortable with losing? The cost of a meal, or a pair of shoes? Decide and then don’t budge from that. Of course you could get lucky too and walk away with enough winnings to buy those shoes, but always be realistic. That way you won’t spoil your fun by being disappointed.

Variety is the spice of life, as they say, so try your hand at a few different games. A jackpot slot with the potential of a huge payout, blackjack or video poker and roulette could be fun. Even if you’re playing purely for entertainment with few expectations of financial gains, it’s always a lot more fun and your money will go much further and will last longer if you learn some basics of the different games.

Land based Gambling vs Online Gambling

While you can really make a good night’s entertainment out of visiting a land-based casino, you can also do the same at home (and save some money too!) Order your favorite take-out, pour yourself a drink, log onto SlotsandCasino and plan a fun program of gambling entertainment from our huge selection of slots, video poker and table games. Bon Appetit and Cheers!

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