Dublin Your Dough: Rainbow Clusters

4.8 out of 5 stars.

Dublin Your Dough: Rainbow Clusters presents players with a vibrant colored slot title focusing on sleek design, good payouts, and an Irish style of focusing on the green. The music is tribal, the vibe is good, and the gameplay is something to behold. Developed by Rival, there is a big thing with this game, and so is the fun.

As players press the start button, they are met with a green background with mushrooms growing, along with other unique flora. At the center lies a 7x7 grid slot with a Leprechaun coming from the side. In the background, a tribe-based party-like music adds to the atmosphere. Full of bagpipes and reminiscent of how the hobbits would have celebrated in Lord of the Rings. The clang of gold coins as players achieve a mega win and cool-looking animations further add to the fantastical party-like vibe of this game.

The gameplay itself is unique. While it takes cues from leaders who have already established themselves in the field, things are a tad bit different here. As you press play, you’ll get to choose between 0 to 99 spins. The games begin with the press, and that’s where the special features of these games are revealed.

There is a Ride the Rainbow multiplier, a sequential win multiplier multiplying the wins by 12 times. Cluster wins happen when there are five more adjacent symbols of the same nature on the game’s 7x7 grid. There are also free spins for players to enjoy, which arrive once players have achieved a scatter.

The gameplay vibe of this game is a delight, and the presence of multiple spins gives players a bigger chance at wins. While the RTP of this game is at a low end of only 94.01%, it is a good game for people to get behind. Furthermore, the unique thematic style of this game can make it a good time for players both old and new.

Game provider Rival
Game platform
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Game reviews

Amber S
March 19, 2024
Rainbow cluster
It\\\'s a fun game!
Chad E
March 17, 2024
Great game
Such a great time love it
Zoe P
March 17, 2024
Fun Game!!!
The game can be fun and exciting, when you hit a big line hit. That doesn’t come often though. The bonus is great, when you get it!!
John S
March 17, 2024
Such a great game go ahead and drop a dime on it
Wesley S
March 16, 2024
Nice game
Nice game
Ubaldo H
March 16, 2024
I enjoy playing games with leporchans
Dallas A
March 16, 2024
Awesome Game
Love the graphics on this game! The fact you can multiple your winnings up to x12 is really good. Top 10 games on here.
Jordan A
March 13, 2024
Good game
Wonderful game
Theodore N
March 08, 2024
Great game
Awesome game such fat payouts

Unleash the magic of Dublin Your Dough: Rainbow Clusters brings an electrifying burst of color to the slot game scene, showcasing a dazzling fusion of sleek design, generous payouts, and an Irish flair steeped in vibrant greens. With a tribal beat setting the stage, the atmosphere is nothing short of exhilarating, and the gameplay is a spectacle to remember. This Rival-developed video slot is one that mixes vibes and gameplay perfectly

Get transported to a verdant wonderland with mushrooms sprouting and unique flora all around. The heart of the action is a mischievous Leprechaun making an entrance. In the background, revel in traditional Irish-themed music focusing on merriment and delight. Brace yourself for the triumphant sound of gold coins as mega wins unfold, accompanied by comedic animations that elevate the fantastical party vibe.

The gameplay itself is a thrill ride, presenting players with a 7x7 slot where the wins are paid from left to right. While the look is standard, Dublin Your Dough: Rainbow Clusters adds its own spin to the video slot as you spin. Hit play and choose between 0 to 99 spins, incrementing by 25.

When it comes to special features, experience the Ride the Rainbow multiplier, amping up wins by a staggering 12 times, and relish Cluster Wins when five or more adjacent symbols align on the 7x7 grid. Free spins, triggered by scatters, add an extra layer of excitement to the mix.

Despite a modest RTP of 94.01%, this game’s style, vibe, soundtrack, and sheer fun gameplay make it fit for all levels of players. So, are you ready to play with the Leprechaun and have some fun?