Top 5 Slot Themes Players Love

From gems and jewels, to cherries and bars, Cleopatra and Ancient Greece, slot machines feature varying themes that resonate with different types of players. There are literally thousands of themes you could choose from - so how do you? And what makes one theme more popular than another? Let's dive in, and you're likely sure to find something that satisfies your slot pallet. 

The Originals

While you may think this means the traditional Cherries, 7s and Bars, you would be half-right. While icons such as The Liberty Bell is an icon for classic slots today, you would also find a plethora of Cleopatra-themed and Western-themed slots in land-based casinos before online gambling was a conceivable thought. Players love the original themes, likely because of the familiarity, with the addition of modern additions and features, making them considerably more exciting than they once were. 
If you're interested in Cleopatra-themed slots, find our Blog Post here on our top picks which you can find directly on-site. 


It's no secret that crime slots are symbolic of how the online gambling industry got started, and as such turned into quite the sought-after theme. From white-collar crime to bank heists, it almost seems as though every felony imaginable is featured by one game provider or the next. Why players love them? Our best guess is that you get to play on the wrong side of justice while keeping your nose clean, and raking in some potential fantastic wins. Find our favourite slots, sure to get your adrenaline going without any of the red tape: 

- Reel Crime: Stealing Christmas by Rival Gaming
- Take the Bank by Betsoft
- The Bank Heist by Dragon Gaming

Fantasy and Magic

Fantasy, Magic, Fairies and Fairytales are those genres that lend themselves well to online slots. Not only can game designers and developers unleash their artistic arsenals, but they also allow adults who play these games, a way to escape the realities and enter unknown worlds, while pocketing a few sheckles (and even at times, LOTS of sheckles). It's carte blanche for this genre, with magical bonus rounds, amazing graphics, and all-around an enchantingly good time. 

- Mythical Creatures by Dragon Gaming
- Merlin's Mystical Multipliers by Rival Gaming
- Fairy Dust Forest by Saucify


Just as there are horror-lovers when it comes to film, so there also exists this love within online slots. From zombies or the undead, to vampires, skeletons or anything remniscent of Halloween - blood and gore seem to continually come up aces (see what we did there?). And so they should! These slots are spookily and eerily fun, with so many options to choose from. We've listed our favourites below; if you've never given this theme a try, why not now? Too scared? 

- Dark Hearts by Rival Gaming
- Dead Beats by Saucify
- Zombie FC by Qora Gaming


And of course, no one ever forgets about the Wild, Wild West. Known for being one of the Earth's roughest and toughest places with stunning sunsets and jaw-dropping landscape, players are drawn to the genre that is partially known to have started it all. Take a look at our rootin', tootin' top picks:

- Lawless Ladies by Qora Gaming
- Destiny Wild by Saucify
- Smoking Gun by Rival Gaming

Whether you enjoy all or none of the above, we can assure you that at SlotsandCasino there is always a slot theme sure to appeal to your taste. Check out our library if you think we're lying!