Most Popular Lucky Charms Players Use

With the exception of casino games that involve some skill (or lots of it), gambling is an enterprise involving pure luck or, in many instances, lack of it. Even the most skilled poker players, for example, are going to be beaten by someone else, possibly even up to 50% of the time. And in gambling, where fortune lies in the hands of the gods and not the players, so to speak, superstition is sure to play a role in how many gamers approach gambling.

So what do players do to enhance their chances of having better luck at the tables or slot machines?

Well, many arm themselves with talismans or charms of one kind or another. The definition of ‘lucky charm’ is an object that brings good luck, also something with magic power. A person can also be a lucky charm, whose mere presence brings you luck!

Depending on the region in the world (although there are lots of cultural crossovers), here are some lucky charms that may be used to induce good luck. From crocodile teeth to pigs and a laughing Buddha to a three-legged toad, there are many good luck charms that might charm someone into believing in their magical powers. SlotsandCasino neither encourages nor refutes the idea that lucky charms work, each to his or her own. Purely for educational purposes, here are just a few of them.


This squirrel food item has a long history of belief in its powers (besides producing magnificent oak trees). In the British Isles, acorns were believed to have healing properties and in Norse mythology, the oak tree and acorn are connected with Thor, therefore keeping acorns in your home could protect your house from being struck by lightning. Today, acorns are still viewed by many as a symbol of good luck, so wearing an acorn charm or tucking a real one in your pocket could bring you good fortune.

Carp scales

After the fish has been prepared for cooking, the belief is that keeping a few of the scales will bring good luck, probably as it’s associated with the bountiful annual meal which is an exception to frugal everyday life. Make sure the scales are perfectly clean and dry as you may not attract positive vibes smelling rather fishy.

Cat's eye gem

Also known as chrysoberyl, the cat’s-eye gem is thought to increase one’s self-confidence and creativity. It has also been associated with good luck and prosperity because of the golden yellow color after which it is named –– ‘chrysos’ being ancient Greek for ‘golden’. This gemstone is also rather pricey, so you needed to have been rather lucky to be able to afford one in the first place.

Dala horse

A Dala horse is a small wooden carving decorated with bright designs, and is a traditional Swedish in folk art object. Originally created as a toy, many locals believe the Dala horse to be a symbol of good luck. So if you can get your hands on a pocket-sized magical horse, by all means hold it close and believe that it has the power to make your fortune.


In many Asian countries, the elephant is a powerful symbol ¬– no wonder, being the largest land animal on earth. Depicted in images, statues and small charms, this talisman offers good luck, fertility, power, strength, stability, and wisdom to those who make use of this symbol. All of these are of value to the gambler, although fertility perhaps not so much.

Four-leaf clover

Originating in Ireland and connected to the story of St Patrick, the four-leaf clover is probably the most famous good-luck charm in Western culture. The chance of finding one is rather low – one of these little suckers only occurring in 5,000 –10,000 ordinary three-leaf clovers. Much easier to buy a for-leaf clover charm to be worn as a pin or pendant if you’re after the luck of the Irish.


Emanating from an old Christian legend involving St Dunstan, a former blacksmith who tricked the devil by shoeing him and not his horse. In exchange for removing the horseshoe, Old Nick promised never to enter a house that had a horseshoe nailed to the door. Since then, horseshoes have been popular for warding off evil spirits and bringing good luck. Some casinos have horseshoe icons as part of their logo or décor, demonstrating that they bring good luck, hopefully to the punters.

‘Evil eye’ amulet

Known in Arabic as ‘nazar boncuğu’, these round glass eye icons can be found mostly in Turkey. Babies have them pinned onto their clothes and people place them at their front doors to ward off negative energy and literally the ‘evil eye’. Having one of these could work for deflecting bad vibes from other players or the dealer. It might be a bit confrontational to have a big evil eye pinned of your jacket (people will also think you’re a bit weird), so keep it in your pocket.

There are probably hundreds, even thousands, of objects, clothing and actions that people swear by that produce good luck for them when gambling. Take your pick and we wish you all the best of luck.

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