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Online casino gaming has become increasingly popular over the years and especially so now that gaming laws are evolving in favor of online casino operations. With the evolution of these laws, more online casinos are being established and you may find yourself in a position where you need to understand everything about online casinos and real payout games to change the outcome of your gaming experience. Find out everything that defines online casinos and what real money payout games are!

Online Casinos vs. Offline Casinos

Although there are many similarities between offline and online gaming, there are also a great number of differences that define each one and perhaps have even made online casino gaming more popular.

Live Casino Gaming

Offline casinos are land based establishments that offer an authentic gaming experience created by real people all around you. Online casinos may not have this exact environment but since the introduction of live casino gaming, the novelty of online gaming has most certainly gained a following of players seeking both the convenience of online casino gaming and the ‘authentic’ feel of offline gaming.

Casino Games Variety

While offline casinos are limited to the games they offer within their four walls of their lobbies, online casinos have the ability to expand in the smallest time frames. Popular casino software providers release new games often and these games are immediately adopted by leading online casino brands. And while this process is almost instant for online casinos, it is delayed for land based establishments. While players are limited to the games available at a land based casino, online gaming allows for a vast selection of popular games without the wait!

Bonuses and Promotions

Land based casinos offer bonuses and promotions, however, these offers are often limited or restricted by game type, and rarely are any types of free spins or deposit bonuses offered.. Online casinos, on the other hand, offer lucrative promotions and welcome bonuses that are only accessible online. They allow players the advantage of playing with real casino money, obtaining free spins on hot and trending slot games, and even gift players with free money that can be enjoyed at online casino table games.

Free Games

No offline casino gifts players with a first-hand opportunity to learn new games and play for free. Some online casinos do, and this is ideal for new players that have yet to try land based or online gaming, giving them the advantage at the tables and slots games.

What is a Real Money Payout?

As mentioned above, a real-money payout game is one that pays out real cash depending on the win and the wager. Understanding how a real money payout is calculated and how it works might help you better understand how online gaming works. A real money payout online isn’t at all that different from a real money payout at land based casinos.

Online casinos use random number generators to calculate when next a winning combination will be formed. This is to ensure that real money payouts are fair and completely at random, allowing players the comfort of knowing each win is unique and the online casino isn’t rigged.

Once a real money deposit has been made, a winning combination has been formed and the player chooses to cash out, the real money payout is then transferred from the game into the player's casino account.

Real Money Payout vs. Demo Game No Payout

Demo games are a very popular source of attraction for players wanting to learn the basics of the game in question. Though entertaining, demo games do not payout real money. They payout credits which do not hold any monetary value, it’s the concept that the player is playing with free money and not winning any real money that attracts new players to these demo games.

Real money payouts are exactly that - online casino games that pay out real money! These are exciting and highly popular due to their volatile nature. Real money payouts are as unpredictable as they are at land based casinos and the thrill of chasing a win is what players yearn for! In order to receive a real money payout, a real-money deposit needs to be made. Demo games don’t require real money deposits although players still deposit playing with ‘free credits’.

Real Money Casinos vs. Social Casinos

Because online gaming is becoming increasingly popular numerous gaming hubs offer entertainment for real money. Some even provide a gaming platform where players can enjoy casino gaming for free. Social casinos are known for their ‘feel good’ nature, although despite this quality, they lack the thrill of winning real money.

Social casinos have been exclusively designed for entertainment and learning purposes, and therefore mostly lose their appeal once players have developed any small amount of skill. In some instances, social games can be downloaded and played at any point but no real money can ever be won and no real money deposits can be made.

Real money casinos are where the majority of online players can be found. This is the most popular form of online gaming as players understand that there is the potential of winning real money.. Slots, progressive jackpot, and table games appeal are amplified when there is a chance of winning real money.

Another difference between social casinos and real money casinos is that games are limited at social casinos. This is because some features can only be activated by making a real cash deposit. For example, bonus rounds in slot games may not be activated if the developer has created it for a real money casino. Bonus rounds can be watched at some demo casinos but the excitement of the play is unachievable.

The advantages and excitement of real money casinos aren’t limited, making them the number one source of entertainment for players around the world!

What Games Produce the Best Payouts

To determine how often or how much, on average, a game is predicted to payout, players will need to look at the RTP. The return to player (RTP) is the predicted payout percentage a game has. This is a theoretical payout prediction calculated by simulated formulas and the higher the RTP percentage, the higher the payout over time.

Naturally, we say this theoretical as the predicted return to player is exactly that, a prediction based on a calculated formula. If you, like many other players, choose a real money payout game based on the displayed RTP percentage of a game, your best bet would be to seek out a higher RTP. The higher the return to player percentage of a game, the higher the payout over time is predicted to be. It has been estimated that higher RTP % games pay out higher amounts but they don’t pay out as frequently as low RTP games. Lower return to players means smaller bets have been placed over some time and as a result, the game will spin out lower profits. However, based on the formula used to calculate the payout percentages, lower RTP games do pay more frequently.

For the player chasing real money payouts, a jackpot game would be ideal as these aregames that payout the most.Here are a few of the jackpot games that can be found at and have been coveted by thrill-seekers around the world:

  1. Chocolate Slots
  2. Cleopatra
  3. Panda Planet
  4. Shopping in the Hills
  5. World Leaders
  6. True Heroes
  7. Time Bender
  8. 5x Wins
  9. Days of Our Slots
  10. Janes Farm

How Do You Get Your Payout From An Online Casino?

Once you have decided that a real money payout is what you are after, the fun commences. But the important question here is not whether you want that real money payout - we know you do - but rather, how do you get your payout from an online casino?

This is an important question and one that depends on the casino itself. However, if you are looking for a reliable online casino, one such as DuckyLuck Casino, you needn’t worry about how you get your payout or how long the process takes. Still, you may be curious and as long as you are with a reputable brand, your payout process should look a little like this.

First, you would need to become a member of the casino by creating an account. This is achieved by registering with the casino. The account you create is used to transfer real money to and from the casino and your bank. Luckily, DuckyLuck Casino has several accepted deposit and withdrawal options for real money transactions to make for a more convenient gaming experience.

Once you’ve created your account, take advantage of the fantastic first deposit from DuckyLuck. After accumulating enough winnings, you may find yourself in a position to withdraw.. Use any one of these methods to cash out your real money winnings effectively and efficiently:

  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • UPayCard
  • Western Union
  • Bitcoin
  • Premier Pay

As a growing online casino offering real money payouts, be sure to check back to DuckyLuck Casino as more withdrawal options are being frequently added to the withdrawal platform!

Processing Casino Real Money Payouts

Using any one of the above-mentioned withdrawal platforms allows you faster access to your newly acquired winnings especially if you already bank with any one of them. DuckyLuck Casino processes winnings in just 48 to 72 hours!

When a player chooses to cashout winnings the casino needs to begin the process of transferring the funds. Reputable online casinos, ones such as, have a general turnaround time of 1 to 3 days to get funds to their members.

When cashing out from a casino make sure to choose a method that isn’t only suited to receive your funds but one that doesn’t overcharge. Not all casinos charge their members a withdrawal fee, however, the bank or method chosen to withdraw the funds may charge a small percentage depending on the amount.

How Do You know if an Online Casino is a Trusted Casino?

Naturally, if you are playing with real money, there may be some concern as to whether or not the casino of your choice is a trusted one. Thankfully there are several features you can factor in when determining the quality and security of an online casino.

Online Reviews

The best way to discern the quality of a casino is to base your decision on the opinion of, not just one but, multiple players with first-hand experience playing at the casino. Professional and player reviews are easy to come across online and there is much to learn about the gamer’s experience, the quality of the payouts, and the trustiness of a casino.

Reputable Gaming Providers

Another key performance indicator is the accessible availability of renowned casino software developer brands. The best casinos have a collection of games from providers including and not limited to Tom Horn, Rival, Betsoft, Dragon Slots, Saucify, Arrow’s Edge, and Fugaso!

Trusted Payment Methods

Both deposit and withdrawal methods are of the highest importance when weighing the quality of an online casino. Seek out payment and withdrawal platforms that are familiar to you. Online casinos usually offer a range, but its financial platform brands that define the quality of each transaction. Look for deposit methods that include brands such as:

  • Neteller
  • KoalaPays
  • PaySafeCard
  • Neosurf
  • Skrill
  • Visa
  • Western Union
  • Premier Pay
  • Poli
  • Bitcoin

Choose a method you know you can trust to ensure that your payments are received as quickly and efficiently as you would like. Be sure to check with the casino what their turnaround time is and they have a reputable service in delivery.

Game and Slot Reviews

Check out the games section of a casino and compare reviews with the titles in the lobby of the casino. The games section should be impressive and hold titles such as:

  • Mystic Wolf
  • Jumping Jaguar
  • Cleopatra
  • Chocolate Slots
  • Big Cash Win
  • Jolly Rogers Jackpot Slot
  • Megawins Slot

Table games such as blackjack and roulette should also be compared to reviews on the software provider, ensuring that the overall gameplay experience is one of quality and that real money payouts are guaranteed.

Regular Winners

Check out the casino’s winner section to see how frequently winners are cashing out their real money wins. You can determine the authenticity of a casino by verifying that the casino does in fact have a winners column and that the payouts are regular, boasting the lucky players who made real cash deposits and cashed out real money.

If you want the authentic gaming experience that is exclusive to online casino gaming, play with real money, and get your payday sooner than you expected!

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