What to Avoid in Vegas

There are plenty of articles about what you should do or not miss when visiting Las Vegas. However, there are some definite ‘don’ts’ to be aware of that might spoil your holiday, and we’re here to help! You’re welcome. 

So here are our Top 10 rookie mistakes to avoid.

1.    Don’t tell anyone that this is your first visit
If you’re getting picked up at the airport by a taxi, watch your words. The friendly “Is this your first time here?” answered in the affirmative is often a ploy to take you on a longer route than is necessary in order to overinflate your fare.  Everyone in Vegas is after a fast buck, including taxi drivers. By saying “no” you may save yourself some money right off the bat, which you can use or lose at the casino. Much more bang for your buck!

2.    Don’t try and save money by staying off the strip
Look for the more affordable hotels on the strip – there are some – rather than stay a long distance away from where all the action is. Even hotels near the end of the strip are at least half and hour’s walk from the must-visit Stratosphere (‘The Strat’) complex with its Skypod. Having to take buses or taxis to and from your accommodations kind of spoils the immersive Las Vegas experience.

3.    Don’t forget to ask about “resort fees” when booking a hotel
This is a daily fee that is added to your bill on checking out to cover the use of amenities such as the gym, internet access, etc, whether you use these or not. This fee can be $20 or more per day, so remember to ask so you can budget for this. 

4.     Don’t underestimate distances in Vegas
When planning your itinerary by looking at a map, remember that everything in Vegas is larger than life ¬– even the distances! Hotel frontages along the strip are huge, even making a visit to a venue ‘three doors down”, or even across a casino floor, quite a walk.

5.    Don’t forget to bring (and wear) comfortable shoes
Apropos point 4 above, you will not be happy trying to schlepp around on 6-inch heels. Wear comfortable walking shoes or flat sandals to navigate your way around blister free.

6.    Don’t pay face value for tickets to shows
You can book discounted tickets online before arriving in La Vegas or compare the prices of tickets using Ticketmaster, then visit one of the many stores selling up-to-50%-off tickets. 

7.    Don’t gamble beyond your limits
Gambling is one of the main reasons that tourists flock to Vegas. But be sensible and stick to a pre-decided limit. The last thing you want to do is ruin a fun holiday by going home in debt.

8.    Don’t avoid the buffets
Contrary to popular belief, the buffet offerings in Vegas are really, really good! Shop around for best prices (tip: lunch buffets are cheaper). Use Groupon to find great restaurant and buffet deals.

9.    Don’t jaywalk in Vegas
Jaywalking is dangerous and strictly forbidden by law! Cross only at demarcated pedestrian crossings or intersections or you will be fined a minimum of $350.

10.    Don’t not hire a car
There is so much to see and do outside of Las Vegas, such as visiting the Red Rock Canyon and Hoover Dam. Try and set aside at least two days to explore the spectacular sites outside the city. You won’t be disappointed.