Top 10 Animal-Themed Slots

Animals make ideal themes for slots, and here at SlotsandCasino online casino we’re all for it. People generally love animals for their wildness, cuteness, scariness, habits and personalities, plus they’re always found in different and interesting habitats, giving game developers rich material to work with in creating beautiful and unique slots. And there are so many to choose from!

Animals can be fierce and mysterious, like in the Jumping Jaguar slot, or cute and cuddly like in Panda Fortune, so basically there’s an animal-themed slot to suit every taste or mood. We’ve put together a short list of some of our favorites to give you an idea of the variety on offer at SlotsandCasino.

1. Mystic Wolf

Follow this lone wolf as he travels through the dark forests in snow-covered land far from human habitation in the northernmost parts of the North American continent. His only companion, the full moon. This 5-line, 3-reel video slot is mysterious, magical and mystical with an otherworldly coin, diamond and other symbols creating a mythical world, aided by a mesmerizing tribal soundtrack.

The Leaping Wolf is Wild and pays out a 5x multiplier when it forms part of a winning combination. The Scatter is the White Feather, with 3 or more appearing on the reels triggering the Free Spins Round, where if another 3 feather icons are landed, it will trigger the Mythic Wolf Super Round with 10x payouts!

Click here to play: Mystic Wolf

2. Panda Fortune

Panda Fortune is just one of seven panda-themed slots available to play at SlotsandCasino Online Casino! Pandas are obviously hugely popular because they are super cute and adorable. This slot, developed by Genesis Gaming, also features other animals including koi fish, a red panda that is not a panda but related to a raccoon, and a leopard.

The lotus flower symbol is the Scatter and the yin-yang icon is the Wild, which trigger Free Spins and Multipliers when landing on the reels in specific numbers or combinations. The game pays1024 different ways with adjacent reels paying left to right without any specific line configuration. We love when the chubby pandas roll across the screen when some action is about to happen.

Click here to play: Panda Fortune

3. Jumping Jaguar

Jumping Jaguar is set in a lush tropical scene in the heart of the Amazon jungle. This slot is beautifully illustrated with detailed graphics of colorful jungle life – sloths and monkeys, parrots and toucans, snakes and frogs, fruit and flowers. As wild as the jungle is, humans had once ventured here, so look out for the silver and gold Jaguar Idol icons, which will reward you with riches for your bravery in venturing into this beautiful but dangerous place.

Jumping Jaguar is a 5-reel, 3-line slot with 30 playable lines and has some super bonus features. The Jaguar is wild; actually, an Expanding Wild filling the entire reel when there is a chance of creating winning combinations. Landing three or more Golden Jaguar Idol icons triggers a free spins round. And, once in the free spins round, if you land on three or more Silver Jaguar Idol icons the Hunt Super Round is activated, and all icons in play become drop icons. Keep your wits about you and you could be taking home the riches!

Click here to play: Jumping Jaguar 

4. Frogged

This rather cute little slot is based on an old school video game played on a hand-held console, where a frog has to negotiate busy roads and a river full of hazards. In this slot the rather happy little green guy is in no danger at all. The gameboard background is a road and the 5 x 3 layout features a little car, a racing car, a truck, a bus, a bulldozer, Mr Frog, and of course the usual high card symbols rendered to look pixelated like in an old video game.

The Frog icon is the Wild, who can only expand upwards when a winning combination can be made, and offers 2x multiplier during free spins. The bulldozer is the Scatter and 3 or more on the reels triggers free games. If more bulldozers are landed during the free spins round the River Rapids Round is triggered. Sticky Wilds will trigger even more free spins, and so on. When you score a nice big win, your little green friend hops to the front of the screen and jumps for joy at your good luck! Who can resist?

Click here to play: Frogged 

5. Birds

Cuteness overload! This delightful and unique slot from Betsoft has a 5-reel, 3-line format, where the ‘lines’ are literally lines ¬– power lines ¬– and each time you spin, 15 birdies fly in and perch in formation. Any 3 of the same birds that are adjacent, either horizontally, vertically, or two on one line and one below or above will pay out according to the value of the bird type. Once paid out, the winning birds fly out, the remaining birds drop into the empty spaces and new ones fly in. There are a bunch of other fantastic features that will keep you glued to the screen as your feathered friends provide more winning entertainment.

Click here to play: Birds 

6. Diamond Rhino

Go on an unforgettable safari on the African plains teeming with wildlife in this interestingly designed slot from. Diamond Rhino has a unique five-reel layout arranged in a diamond grid with 720 potential ways to win. Another unique aspect is that it pays both ways, not just from the left as is usual with slots.

Besides the thundering Rhino who charges towards you when you score a decent win, icons include other spectacular animals from the African savannah, lakes and waterways – elephants, lions, hyenas, leopards, flamingos, meerkats, crocodiles, buffalo and oxpeckers.

The Rhino icon is Wild with 2x, 3x and 5x multipliers. The Scatter icon is the Diamond that can award up to 15 free spins. In the free spins round, the rain pours down on the African plain, a welcome sign of plenty for the animals – and hopefully for you too!

Click here to play: Diamond Rhino

7. Party Parrot

It’s impossible not be in a good mood when you load up Rival Gaming’s Party Parrot and join in the fun. Pete the Parrot and his festively attired guests (including an egg in a party hat) are here for a good time and so should you too! From the bright colors, balloons and happy faces with a catchy reggae soundtrack there’s nothing more to do but kick back and enjoy yourself. During normal play the blue and yellow parrot becomes an expanding wild upward. When you are awarded free spins (the party egg is the Scatter!) by landing 3 eggs or more, the red and blue parrot becomes a sticky wild, remaining on screen and trigger re-spins whenever they for part of a new win. When you need cheering up, Party Parrot will do the trick!

Click here to play: Party Parrot 

8. Great White Buffalo

If you’re feeling nostalgic for the wide open spaces of America and its iconic animals, crossing the arid plains on horseback, then hunkering down on the stony ground for the night with only a thin bedroll for comfort, a few slices of jerky carved off with your hunting knife and a pot of bitter coffee boiling over a small campfire, then Great White Buffalo could help tick some of those manly boxes for you.

From the Saucify stable, Great White Buffalo is a 5-reel, 3-row video slot which features iconic North American wildlife such as bears, wolves, bison, mustangs, the bald eagle and the eponymous white buffalo ¬– a very rare animal indeed. This slot game is crammed with cool features, such as Coin Showers, Free Spins, Multipliers, Wilds, Expanding Wilds, Scatters, Coin Jackpots, and more! The Great White Buffalo is the Wild symbol; when appearing on reels 2 and 5, it turns into an Expanding Wild. Three gold ingots trigger the Buffalo Bullion feature game, bringing in Free Spins and Multipliers. With a maximum win of 7900 coins, this slot is both wild and worth a try.

Click here to play: Great White Buffalo 

9. Golden Buffalo

Sticking to the area and the era of the Great Wild West, Qora Gamings’s Golden Buffalo also offers a backdrop of spectacular rock formations in an arid landscape and here the design elements reference First Nations artifacts. This slot has a 6-reel, 4-line format with an impressive 4096 ways to win! Wild symbols can be stacked on reels 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, both in the base game and during free spins rounds. In Free Spins mode, the Wild can become up to a 5x multiplier, and if any wins include more than one Wild multiplier, the value of those will be multiplied together up to 3125x!

Click here to play: Golden Buffalo 

10. Lilly’s Pad

This rather delightful slot from Arrow’s Edge is calming and perfect for just slowing down for a bit. If you’re into a little bluegrass music, by all means turn up the sound, or if no theire’s always the mute button. Lilly and her pond friends all appear happy and seem to get along just fine, although the salamander looks very grumpy! There are some very cool features in this 18-payline slot, including the little dragonfly who sits on the edge of the gameboard and occasionally flies in to turn up to 4 icons wild, with lovely winning consequences.

Ms Lilly is the bonus icon and landing 3 bonus/scatter symbols on the reels will trigger the Bonus Round. One has to choose one of 12 Frogs on lily pads without knowing its value, and then accepting the offer of a certain amount of money fir your choice or eliminating more and more lily pads. A lot of fun, and also sometimes very disappointing!

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