Sports Jargon: Shout Like You're a Fan

Offside, double-dribble, colored flags and cards - how do you partake in the sports shenanigans, when you're not a big sports fan? Beyond that, sports phrases have also made their way into our work communication, social interactions, and even if you haven't noticed it - your home life! Either way, we're here to step up to the plate so that you don't drop the ball on sounding like a sports pro. 

American Football

HAIL MARY - Being the most iconic play in American Football, this happens when the quarterback is feeling desperate late in the game, and the only hope he has is throwing the ball deep into the end zone - in hopes of a game-changing touchdown. The history behind this famous saying? Roger Staubach of the Dallas Cowboys popularized the name in 1975. After a game-winning touchdown against the Minnesota Vikings he said, “I closed my eyes and said a ‘Hail Mary.’”

Suggested Game: Quarterback by Saucify

Soccer (or known to you as "Football")

GIVE AND GO - A term you'll see somewhat heavily in the game of soccer, where a player passes the ball and then moves to receive the ball back from the player they passed it to. This is also known as "wall pass" or sometimes "1-2". Feel free to switch it up throughout the game, sounding like a real pro!

Suggested Game: Global Cup Soccer by Rival Gaming, or Zombie FC by Qora


HAT TRICK - While this term isn't solely used in hockey, it's definitely where you'll hear it most. A hat trick happens when a player accomplishes a feat three times within the same game. In hockey, this would be when 3 goals are scored by the same player. Used in darts, it's when a player throws 3 bulls-eyes in a row, or three wickets on three consecutive balls in cricket - which is actually the origin sport of this slang term. And if you really want to show off, there's the famous "Gordie Howe Hat Trick", which involves a goal, an assist, and a fight, all in the same game.

Suggested Game: Hockey Enforcers by Qora


DINGER - Another term for a Home Run that leaves you sounding more "in-tune" with the game of baseball.

Suggested Game: Cricket Legends by Qora


DROP A DIME - Referring to a "beautiful" assist (a pass by a player that facilitates a goal/score by another), this is a great phrase to know since there will be literally dozens of chances throughout a basketball game that you can use it! Its origin derives from the days when criminals or undercover agents would "drop a dime" into a pay phone to call the police as an informant (giving them an assist into criminal activity).

Suggested Game: Basketball Legends by Dragon Gaming



Lastly, keep the following terms in your back pocket, which can be used for any sport you're watching:

Home Advantage - Example: "They've got the home field advantage", to be used when one team (the host team) gains a slight advantage from the crowd, fans, and familiarity of their surroundings.

Legend - Example: "What a legend", to be used when you can sense a player has made an iconic play.

G.O.A.T - On social media these days, this phrase is said with one emoji - of course, the goat. This stands for the Greatest of All Time, and is used to talk about those players that will stand the test of time, blowing us out of the water each and every year. Often used to describe Tom Brady, Kobe Bryant, Wayne Gretzsky, and so many other "Legends".