Bonus Abuse? Avoid It!

The old saying ‘cheaters never prosper’ is apt when it comes to bonus abuse. Bonus abusers are casino players who sign up to online gambling sites without having any intention of playing with their own money. In this blog post, we will discuss what constitutes bonus abuse and how you can (and should) avoid infringing casino rules.
Bonuses are offered by casinos to motivate and encourage players to join a casino and to try out new games free of charge. Bonuses are also offered to existing players to incentivize them to play more often. Some casinos can pay out thousands of dollars to all of their players each month. Obviously, casinos do not make any profit on bonuses and it is for this reason why many bonuses come with wagering requirements.

The Problems with Bonus Abusers

Bonus abusers have a negative effect on both the casino and regular, trustworthy casino players. Bonus hunting happens when a player gains a mathematical edge over the casino, thus turning the bonus into a profit and then withdrawing it. In the past, bonus abusers were able to get away with their shenanigans pretty easily, but casinos now have the technology which tracks patterns of play and spots bonus abusers.

Forms of Bonus Abuse

Bonus abuse comes in several forms. The most widespread method is claiming multiple bonuses, playing through the requirements in order to make a profit and then withdrawing all of the funds from the account - on a consistent basis. Consistency is the key, there are no issues if a player gets lucky and manages to use their bonus to bag a big win. Problems arise if this is done on a regular basis.
Another form of bonus abuse is where players will scour the internet for casinos offering free bonuses with no deposit required without having any intention to deposit any of their own money.

Punishments for Bonus Abusers

Unfortunately, it is now sometimes the case that bonus abusers spoil the fun for the honest casino players. Punishments for players found guilty of abusing bonuses range from the denial of withdrawals to being blacklisted and blanket banned across entire networks of casinos.

Although casinos do their utmost to spot the cheaters from the principled players, it is sometimes the case that the latter players get punished too. The best way to avoid potential bonus abuse consequences is by reading the terms and conditions of all bonuses carefully and to ensure that you adhere to fair play and responsible gambling at all times.