A Guide to Exploring Six Travel Destinations with Casinos

With an increasingly regulated casino market, casino traveling destinations are becoming more popular. Worldwide, there are various fantastic places to visit and experience the thrill of casinos.

In this article, we examine some of our top destinations. However, we don’t want to stop there. We also look at DLC’s slots and find ones you can play in preparation for your visit.

Las Vegas, Nevada

When you think of a casino destination, Las Vegas in Nevada, USA, immediately pops up. In the last few years, over 75% of people visiting also gambled. The Las Vegas Valley, as a whole, boasts over 100 casinos, while over 45 casinos are located on the Strip.

Glittering neon lights, massive displays, and an air of luxury blanket the city. Initially, it might be an overwhelming experience. However, the city’s energy and wide variety of entertainment will ensure you have a good time.

Vintage Vegas

If you’re excited about a trip to Vegas or don’t have the time to go yet, then there are a few slots that can give you a small taste of this glam-covered city. Vintage Vegas will transport you to a retro Sin City with glitz and glamour.

The symbols all feature your favorite casino games like slots, blackjack, roulette, and craps. Players worldwide also love spinning the reels. They think it’s a pretty good game that, as some players stated, “it makes me want to fly to Vegas!”

Nassau, Bahamas

If you’re more of a beach gal or guy and prefer getting a tan, then Nassau, Bahamas, is the ideal destination. This iconic Caribbean destination offers sun, sand, clear blue waters, and various casinos.

Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island is one of the must-see casinos, with glass sculptures and a seven-acre lagoon. As expected of a Caribbean retreat, you can tan on the beach while sipping a cocktail between playing at casinos.

Love Beach

While Love Beach isn’t explicitly a Bahamas-themed slot, you can experience the same atmosphere while spinning the reels. The game features stunning sunsets, delicious cocktails, and a beautiful beach. Sounds familiar?

You can collect the Box of Love to fill up your progress bar, which awards you a choice between various prizes and free spins when completed. It’s a low-volatility slot with 10 fixed paylines and is ideal for casual players looking for a Caribbean vibe.

Cairo, Egypt

Cairo, Egypt, is an excellent casino destination. People often overlook Egypt as a casino destination due to its impressive pyramids and history. However, Cairo ensures only the best is available, with only four- and five-star hotels able to acquire a casino license.

Some of the best are Conrad Cairo Casino, London Club Cairo, and the Cairo Marriott Hotel & Omar Khayyam Casino. However, the city of Sharm El Sheikh also boasts the luxurious Casino Royale. Here, you can experience the desert charm and picturesque ocean at the same time.

Cleopatra’s Fortune/Hail Caesar!

There are many Egyptian-themed slots, and quite a few revolve around the Egyptian gods and Cleopatra. As one of the most recognizable figures in history, it’s no surprise that many slots revolve around her. Options like Cleopatra’s Fortune are always fun to try out.

However, you can also delve into Egyptian history with titles like Hail Caesar! This slot explores the turbulent history of Caesar and Cleopatra. Sandy A’s opinion on the game is “Love this game and LOVE the BONUS rounds even more.”

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Another exceptional US traveling destination is Atlantic City, New Jersey. This city boasts various casinos, but it doesn’t stop there. You can walk along the boardwalk and eat delicious food from world-famous chefs at restaurants like Gordon Ramsay Pub and Grill.

If you time your visit right, you can enjoy celebrations like the Fourth of July. Most Atlantic City casinos will kick off the celebrations with fireworks and music shows throughout that week.

Explosive Wins

While not specific to New Jersey, the Explosive Wins slot can prepare you for a Fourth of July experience in Atlantic City. With the Statue of Liberty in the background, this slot features fireworks, American Flag wilds, and a 10,000x multiplier.

The title also boasts two progressive jackpots: the Super Slots and Mystery jackpots. This highly volatile game will immediately get your blood pumping and you excited about the casino celebrations coming to Atlantic City.

Macau, China

Macau, China, is the ideal destination for people wanting to visit Asia. It offers a counterpart to the Monte Carlo scene in Monaco. Much of Macau’s tourism is built on casinos, with world-class ones like Lisboa Casino, Macau Palace Casino, and Galaxy Waldo Casino available.

However, casinos aren’t all there is to this city, as its nightlife is thriving thanks to many restaurants and shops staying open 24/7. You can explore many different areas and enjoy Chinese culture and architecture on your visit.

Beijing Nights

Prepare yourself for the Chinese culture by playing some themed slots. While there are many slots you can try, one of our favorites is Beijing Nights. This game explores the culture and look of China’s capital, set on a narrow Beijing street with lighted storefronts.

The symbols include various Chinese icons, such as golden coins, a rose and drink, and the Beijing Tower. Player reviews state that while the high volatility can make the game drag a bit, “once those free spins happen it’s worth the wait.”

Monte Carlo, Monaco

While we won’t be exploring a slot associated with this location, it would be remiss not to mention Monte Carlo, Monaco. Many know it from the James Bond movies, and it’s the Las Vegas counterpart in Western Europe.

You’re likely to splurge a bit more in this location, with many exciting events to attend, like the legendary Formula One Grand Prix. Its casino culture is built on high-stakes, fun, and luxurious gaming, so you can finally wear that classical dress and tuxedo stored in the back of your closet.