How much daily cashback do I get?

The amount of cash back players receive daily is determined by three things:

1) How much they deposited the previous day
2) How much they won and/or cashed out the previous day
3) Their MySlotsandCasino Rewards level

The Daily Cashback calculation is as follows: (Previous Day Deposits – Previous Day Withdrawals – Current Balance) X Cashback % (Increases with MySaC Rewards levels) = Daily Cash Back

For example, if the cashback timeframe is "Daily", our system looks at the total deposits minus the total withdrawals you made between 12:01 AM (EST) "yesterday" and 11:59 PM (EST) "yesterday". Any balance you had at the beginning of the timeframe and end of the timeframe, will also be included in the calculation.

Starting Balance at 12:01 AM: $100
Deposits: $300
Reversed Withdrawals: 0
New Withdrawals: $200
 Ending balance at 11:59 PM: $50

(100 + 300 + 0 - 200 - 50) * Cashback % (example, 5%)
= 150 * 5%
= $7.50 cashback

Note: Some cashbacks may have a minimum bonus amount, meaning that if your cashback is below the minimum amount - you will not receive a cashback.

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