How does Cashback work?

Cashback promotions are our way of giving you money back for your deposits that didn't result in a win - within a specific timeframe. We offer daily cashback on all deposits regardless of the method.

Within the given timeframe, our system looks at the total deposits made, against the withdrawals (including reversals) you made within that same timeframe.

 For example, with our current "Daily" cashback, our system looks at the total deposits minus the total withdrawals you made between 12:01AM (EST) "yesterday" and 11:59PM (EST) "yesterday". Any balance you had at the beginning of the timeframe and end of the timeframe will also be included in the calculation.

Starting Balance at 12:01AM: $100
Deposits: $300
Reversed Withdrawals: 0
New Withdrawals: $200
 Ending balance at 11:59PM: $50
(100 + 300 + 0 - 200 - 50) * Cashback % (example, 5%)
= 150 * 5%
= $7.50 cashback

Note: Some cashbacks may have a minimum bonus amount, meaning that if your cashback is below the minimum amount - you will not receive a cashback.

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