What is considered a good payout rate?

There's no exact "nail in the coffin" to determine what a "good" payout rate is. This is because RTP does not include volatility, in-game features, and jackpots.

Generally speaking, the average payout rate at SlotsandCasino is in the realm of 95-98%; this means that for every 1.00 wager placed, over time, you are expected to receive the aforementioned percentage back. Of course, this is over millions of wagers. Nevertheless, when you consider land-based casinos average a payout rate of roughly 85%, it's a no-brainer on which platform to go with!

The idea of choosing a game based solely on the RTP will affect the feeling you get when you win. This is because the RTP and the volatility of a game are two distinct aspects often mistaken to be the same.

Often, high volatility games have a lower theoretical RTP as the features are more intricate and the jackpot prizes are larger than that of low volatility games. Though these jackpots are coveted by most, they produce lower RTP percentages considering the features, jackpots and bonuses contribute a larger portion to the RTP and the volatility of a slot game.

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