Online Slots vs Land Based Slots Pt 2

In part 2 of our venture into comparing the differences between online slots and land based slots, we look at the advantages you will gain from playing online slots right here at SlotsandCasino.
Online slots are a specialty of ours and we can assure you that you will get the most bang for your buck when playing slot games with us.

Choose From Hundreds of Different Slots

When playing slots online, you will have the opportunity to pick and choose from literally hundreds of different online slot games. For example, we offer all of our loyal players access to hundreds of online slots from a variety of different slot providers.

In addition, you will get the choice of playing online slots with lots of different features. For example, you can play high and low variance slots, high RTP slots, slots for high rollers and jackpot slots; some of which can payout life changing sums of cash!

Overall, it is proven that online slots are more exciting, come with much greater choice of features and payout more than their land based counterparts. When you are playing at a land based casino, you will likely only have around 10 slot machines to choose from, none of which will have a particularly high RTP!

To get you started, we recommend playing games from our list of the most popular online slots. We are sure you will find several to keep you entertained!

Earn Free Spins

Whenever you are logged in and playing at SlotsandCasino, there is always a chance that you'll be the recipient of a random set of free spins; something you certainly will not be receiving any time soon when playing land based slots!

In addition, all new players are treated to 100 free spins once a first deposit has been made. The free spins can be used on a number of different online slots including Mystic Wolf, Five Times Wins and Jumping Jaguar.

For more information on how you can earn more free spins on online slots, check out our free spins promotion.

Rewards Program Which Pays You For Playing

>As well as daily cashback of 5%, our rewards program is perfect for online slots players. All members receive monthly loot box drops which come with free spins to use on all of our most popular online slots.

Very rarely will land based casinos be so generous as to give away free spins on slot machines every month!

Online Slots vs Land Based Slots - The Conclusion

Based on all of the points above and from part one of our look into online slots vs land based slots, we can conclude that online slots are by far and away greater than land based slots. Not only do the online slot games themselves offer better value for money and much greater excitement, but online casinos are far more likely to award their players with free spins and other nice bonuses which you can use on the slots.

Certainly, in 2021, slot developers place an emphasis on developing fun, new and improved online slots rather than creating new land based slots. Fortunately for you and us, we offer the best platform in the USA for playing online slot games.