Rolling Stack Blackjack

4.8 out of 5 stars.

Bringing a fun twist to the traditional card game of blackjack, Rolling Stack Blackjack is presented by Rival Gaming, a platform that has already made a name for itself in various online casino games. This powerful and unique game not just offers an interesting experience but also the perks of bagging huge rewards if done right.
First things first, playing and winning in this game are pretty simple. All that the player needs to win is getting dealt with any one of the different types of two-cards starting hands – Ace-Suited King, Straight Flush, Pair or Straight. Once a player starts their game with any of these hands, they can be assured of a win. Now it is upon them whether to take their winnings right away or to continue adding them to a standard blackjack wager and contribute to the rolling stack!
Rolling Stack Blackjack does not just offer this interesting gameplay, but also the benefit of a high Return to Player of 97.21%. This means that players can both enjoy the unique premise and relaxing appearance, but also be assured of high rewards. Add to that the sleek and classy look of this online casino table game, and it becomes clear why Rolling Stack Blackjack by Rival Gaming has acquired such a fan base in such a short span of time.

Game provider Rival
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Tina M
November 13, 2021
Black jack rolling stack
Sibusiso N
October 08, 2021

From the proud presenter of an array of online video slot games comes a table game called Rolling Stack Blackjack. Rival Gaming’s all-new casino table game is a re-imagination of the conventional blackjack game and comes with a special side bet to leverage from and cash in rewards.
The very concept of a blackjack game is that players must target being dealt cards with a higher count than that of the dealer, and yet the total count never exceeding 21. Rolling Stack Blackjack is an improvisation of this special card game with a unique twist.
In this novel online casino game, players are required to get one of the following two-card starting hands – Ace-King Suited, Straight Flush, Pair or Straight. If a player can begin their game with any of these hands, they win! Now they can choose whether to take down their winnings or to continue adding them to their standard blackjack wager for building up more and more rewards down the line and in the process building a rolling stack!
Talking about the looks and design of the game, Rival Gaming has kept things to minimalist excellence in Rolling Stack Blackjack. Featuring a simple green casino table, the game features realistic images of undealt cards on one side and a second stack on the other. The gameplay has a refreshingly sleek vibe, with menu options displayed discreetly towards the bottom of the screen, and the rest of the visual space dedicated to the game experience. The dark theme adds to the fun, relaxing and simplistic vibe of the game, besides keeping the player hooked to its novel twists.
Playing and winning on the game is simple enough. All that the player needs to do is make a standard blackjack wager. They might also make a Rolling Stack wager if they want for any amount within the posted limits. They will receive their first two cards after such a wager in this case.
Rolling Stack Blackjack offers an impressive Return to Player of 97.21% and comes across as not just an enjoyable but highly rewarding game. The casino table game seems all set to disrupt the world of online casino gaming with its interesting premise and high wins. No wonder, it has already accrued so much interest within such a short span of time!