Double Deck Blackjack

4.9 out of 5 stars.

For those who want their casino games to have a bit of strategy, Double Deck Blackjack is ready to satisfy their desires. Developed by Qora Gaming, Double Deck Blackjack is a casino game that takes a unique - double deck spin - on your favorite card game, giving you wins adn a fun gameplay experience that will make you reminisce about the time you spent in Atlantic City.

The game is presented as a standard table game. Like always, the table you’ll see will be green, with one deck of each on the site. Don’t expect there to be background music, for there is none. While many might see it as a disadvantage, you need all your senses focused, which works well in this silent gaming scenario.

The rules of this double decked version of Blackjack game is simple. Your goal is to reach closer to 21 in set number of deals. Go over, and you lose. Winning in this game is also simplified with an RTP 99.2%. Overall, this is a game that encompasses all the best traits of a table game. You have the stylish table on one end, and a silent gameplay in the other. Furthermore, since the rules of this particular game aren’t that difficult, all types of players cna join up.

So, step on it. Embark on unique journey of a traditional table game with a double-decked suit up. This new version of the game is just as exciting as the old, The only difference is that here, the RTP can enhance your chances of winning.

Game provider Qora-Gaming
Game platform
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Yearning for the rhythmic dance of strategy in their casino pursuits? Behold the allure of Double Deck Blackjack, a creation by Qora Gaming that weaves a unique double-deck narrative into the fabric of your cherished card game. It beckons with promises of triumphs and a gameplay symphony that whispers echoes of Atlantic City's bygone charm.

Envisioned as an ode to elegance, this casino gem unfolds on the customary green stage, where decks stands on either side. A hush envelops the scene, as no musical notes linger in the air. Yet, this auditory vacuum is not a flaw; it's a purposeful canvas that demands your senses' undivided attention, creating an ambiance where every silent shuffle carries weight.

In the realm of this double-decked Blackjack, simplicity reigns supreme. The goal is to flirt with 21 within a finite number of deals. Cross that threshold, and fate casts its shadow. Victory, elegantly distilled, boasts an RTP of 99.2%. A tableau unfolds, marrying a chic table at one end with the serenity of silent gameplay at the other. Embracing simplicity, it extends an invitation to players of all hues.

Step into this nostalgic odyssey. Embark on a unique journey within the tapestry of a timeless table game, donned in the elegance of a double-decked suit. This iteration retains the thrill of yore, with the added grace of an RTP casting a favorable glow upon your chances of victory.