American Roulette

4.6 out of 5 stars.
Roulette is a classic casino game originating in France, the name is a combination of the french words “little wheel”. It is purely a luck based game played on a table with no cards or dice, instead it features a unique and iconic spinning wheel. American Roulette has a wheel with 38 positions labelled 1 through 36, 0 and 00. Positions 1 through 36 are marked with alternating red and black backgrounds, and positions 0 and 00 are marked with green backgrounds. Generally considered to be a slower-paced Casino game, it certainly creates a lot of suspense for the Players before the ball finds it's final resting spot on the wheel.

Bets are placed on various positions on the table that correspond to different numbers, combinations of numbers, odd/even or red/black. After bets are placed a small ball is set in motion around the outer rim of the roulette wheel in the opposite direction of the spinning wheel. When the ball comes to rest in a numbered position, non-winning bets are cleared from the table and winning bets are paid according to the payable.

Game provider Rival
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Game reviews

Jason G
November 27, 2020
love it its awesome
time really flies when your having fun I play this every chance I get yall should too you will love it . Jason
arturo m
September 13, 2020
Worst website to play. All you can bet is 5 dls maximum, so imagine if you deposit at less 100 is going to be hard to make at less 10 dls. And the live chat apparently they are available to help but once they know that they screw up, they just don’t reply.
Carl M
August 25, 2020
Very boring, can only bet $5.00 No Action CM

Real Money American Roulette

Regardless of experience level, roulette tends to be the casino table game most gamblers avoid since it seems incredibly complicated at first glance. However, if you were to muster up the courage to play a few spins, you would know that the beauty of roulette and the reason it has endured for centuries is because it’s so simple. Luckily, online casino roulette is the best place for new players to learn this classic casino table game and for experienced players to hone their skills in different varieties of the game, like American roulette or European roulette.

Our real money roulette games are becoming increasingly popular because our online casino offers the perfect avenue for players of all experience levels to test these waters right from the comfort of your own home. Whether you prefer classic, American or European roulette, we are proud to offer a variety of roulette games, each with an intuitive and smooth interface for both desktop and mobile users.

The first and most important thing you need to know about any online casino roulette game is that you want luck on your side. If you’re feeling lucky, then take your first spins on us with an exclusive welcome bonus when you create your account today. If you want to brush-up on the fundamentals of the game before you dive into the thrilling world of real money roulette, keep reading this page to make sure you know the best way for you to come out on top.

How to Play Online Casino Roulette

While the rules of online casino roulette will vary slightly depending on whether you decide to play classic, American or European roulette, there are a few basics that apply to every version of the game.

The first thing that needs to happen in any kind of real money roulette is the players must place their bets. There are eleven types of bets a player can make. These eleven types of bets are divided into two main categories: inside bets and outside bets.

Inside bets have smaller odds of winning, but offer bigger payouts. Meanwhile, outside bets have bigger odds and smaller payouts. Once the wheel is spun, no more bets can be placed.

An easy way to distinguish these two different kinds of bets is that inside bets are placed on the inside of the table, while outside bets are placed on the outside of the table. Simple, right?

Types of Inside Bets

Straight Up. A straight up bet is when a player places their chips in the center of their desired number. If, for example, you have an undeniable feeling that 10 is going to come up, you would put your bet on the center of the 10. If 10 comes up, you win 35 times your bet. The odds of winning are 35-1, making it a high-risk, high-reward bet.

Split. A split bet is when a player places a bet on two bordering numbers. For example, you can place a bet on the line separating numbers 34 and 35. Odds of winning are 17-1, which means should 34 or 35 come up, then you would collect 17 times the value of the wager placed.

Street. Also sometimes referred to as a “Trio” bet, a street bet in real money roulette is a bet on three numbers on a horizontal line. By placing a street bet, you would win if 25-26-27 hit. In order to place this kind of bet, players must place the chip on the edge of the number in the beginning of desired line (i.e. on the edge of 25). Odds of winning: 11-1.

Corner. A corner bet allows players to bet on 4 numbers at once in the form of a square. If you were to put your chips in the center between 8-9-11-12, and any one of those numbers hits, then you collect 11 times what you wagered.

Six Lines. The easy way to explain this type of bet is to think of it as two Street bets combined into one. Just like a street bet, players place their chips on the edge, but rather than place it at the center of the number, they must put it on the intersecting line to indicate they want to place a bet on all six. Odds of winning: 5-1.

Types of Outside Bets

1 to 18. As you might have already guessed, a 1 to 18 bet is a wager that the number the ball will settle on will be between 1 and 18. In some versions of online casino roulette, this kind of outside bet is referred to as “small”.

19 to 36. Just like 1 to 18, a 19 to 36 bet means that the player is confident the ball will land somewhere between the 19 to 36. This is also sometimes referred to as “big”.

Red or Black. Again, this kind of real money roulette bet is all in the name. Players must choose between whether the ball will rest on a red or a black number.

Even or Odd. Players are betting on the number being either even or odd when the ball finally rests.

Dozen Bets. In this scenario, players are betting on one of three possibilities: 1 through 12, 13 through 24 or 25 through 36.

Column Bets. This kind of bet includes all of the numbers down a vertical line on the table. So, if a player feels confident that the final number will be either 1-4-7-10-13-16-19-22-25-28-31-34, then you should place a column bet on the table’s first column.

Because outside bets offer considerably higher probability of winning, the odds are typically 1 to 1. Payouts will vary depending on the online casino roulette game you play, but starting by placing outside bets is a great way to get a feel for the pace of the game while also building your confidence.

Real Money Classic Roulette

There are many variations of roulette that exist in both land and online casinos, but we would be remiss if we didn’t offer a real money classic roulette option. Nothing beats the classic roulette game, which is why it’s been a staple of casinos around the world since the 1700s. The key difference between classic online casino roulette and the other popular variations you’ll find is that there is only one zero. This may seem like a small, nearly insignificant difference because how much can a double zero make? Truth is, a lot!

The absence of a green double zero pocket means that the odds of winning are 1 in 37 versus 1 in 38. Again, this might seem insignificant to newer players, but once you try both our real money classic roulette and our American roulette games, you’ll see that every pocket makes a difference.

Real Money American Roulette

As we alluded to in the section above, American roulette’s distinguishing feature is that it features the double zero. This means that an American roulette wheel is divided into 38 parts. Like the classic version of the game, number 1 through 36 alternate red and black, and the single and double zero are marked in green.

Because there is an additional pocket for the ball to land on, American roulette typically offers higher payouts as the challenge of predicting the outcome has a higher degree of difficulty. Again, we know that this might seem like an insignificant difference to players who are new to online casino roulette, but it really does make a difference.

If you are still learning the in’s and out’s of online casino roulette, we recommend that you stick to classic roulette while you get the hang of how the game flows. Once you are comfortable with how the game is played, playing American roulette will be a real test of your savvy and luck.

Real Money European Roulette

The first thing players will notice when they try our real money European roulette games is that, like classic online casino roulette, there are 37 pockets on the wheel. There is only one zero pocket in european roulette, whereas American roulette has two zero pockets.

More observant players might also notice that European roulette wheels have a different number sequence. Though this doesn’t typically affect how a player approaches the bets they place, it is worth noting simply because if you are accustomed to the american roulette wheel, you could be in for a rude awakening if you’re not paying close attention.

Another key difference in European roulette games is that there are more specific actions players can take. In European roulette, players can take advantage of the “En Prison” rule, which allows them to have another spin if you place an even money bet but the ball lands in the zero pocket. European roulette also allows players to make “call bets”. These are a type of bet that is announced to the croupier, rather than placing your chips on the betting table as you would with a normal bet.

Which Online Casino Roulette Game is the Best?

This is a question we get asked all the time by players and, unfortunately, we can’t answer that. When you get down to it, the variations between classic, American and European roulette are so minute that it really comes down to personal preference, and we are simply not in the business of telling you which real money roulette game is right for you.

All we can do is offer you 24-hour customer support and a wide variety of online casino roulette games for you to choose from. Place your bets, spin and choose the one you like. That’s truly the only way to find out which online casino roulette game is the best.

If there’s anything we can do to make your gaming experience more enjoyable, please do not hesitate to contact us. We strive to provide our real money roulette players with the best, most enjoyable and comfortable online casino experience on the internet. We believe in treating you like the high roller you are and will do anything to ensure your time with us is top notch.

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