Wild Drops

4.7 out of 5 stars.

One of Qora’s most unique slot game offerings, Wild Drops is set in a treacherous landscape far below the surface of the Earth, where a prismatic fortune awaits to be uncovered by an explorer. Players of this slot game will be joining this bold and brave discoverer in the Wild Drops slot game which can be aptly described as an endless treasure trove of sparkling, highly rewarding gemstones in the mystical mines. 
The game follows a non-traditional format of 5 reels and 16 fixed paylines, while there are 8 rows that pay both ways. Wild Drops is no less than a visual feast even though its genre of gem-matching might come across as quite popular in the slot gaming universe. The screen is replete with appealing colours framed by sweeping deep blue mines that make every win pop even better. Whenever the winning gems match, they instantly disappear from the reels. If you happen to clear the entire board, you can expect to multiply your wins and bag even bigger prizes!
All you need to score a win is to match 3 or more identical gems in a horizontal line. Landing 5 in a line on any row will pay both ways. Players also have a chance to uncover 5 hidden coins and reveal 5 Free Spins as they continue to score wins and clear the board. The special Free Spins mode takes players even deeper into the mines, where the central reel is guaranteed to be fully WILD, bringing in new winning combinations, and thus bigger rewards. 
The 5-reel video slot game offering a convenient betting range from 0.10 to 20.0, which might not be too high for the biggest rewards but is certainly comfortable enough to suit every pocket size. The overall game RTP stands at around 96.11%, subtly above the industry average. The high volatility Wild Drops slot game offers a maximum win factor of 4400x, which is quite impressive. 

Game provider Betsoft
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The Wild Drops is one of Qora's most intriguing slot game offerings, situated in a dangerous zone deep beneath the Earth's surface, where an explorer will discover a prismatic richness. Wild Drops slot game, which can rightfully be described as an endless treasure trove of shining, very valuable jewels in secret mines, will welcome players to join this daring and fearless discoverer.
With 5 reels and 16 fixed paylines, as well as 8 paylines that pay both ways, the game features a unique format. Wild Drops is a visual feast, despite the fact that its gem-matching genre appears to be fairly widespread in the slot game world. The screen is filled in brilliant colours, with sweeping deep blue mines framing each win to make it stand out even more. When the winning jewels line up, they immediately disappear from the reels. Your winnings will be doubled if you clean the entire board, and you'll be eligible for even bigger prizes!
You only need to line up three or more identical gems in a horizontal line to win. If you get 5 in a row on any row, it pays both ways. Players have the chance to unearth 5 hidden coins and reveal 5 Free Spins as they continue to score wins and clear the board. The extra Free Spins feature takes players further into the mines, with the centre reel guaranteed to be completely WILD, resulting in more winning combinations and thus higher winnings.
The 5-reel video slot game has a betting range of 0.10 to 20.0, which isn't quite high enough for the largest payouts but is surely comfortable enough to fit into any pocket. The whole game RTP is roughly 96.11 percent, which is slightly higher than the industry norm. Wild Drops is a high-volatility slot game with a potential win factor of 4400x, which is extremely astounding.