Good Girl Bad Girl

4.8 out of 5 stars.
Whether you’re naughty or nice, you’ll be sure to enjoy Good Girl/Bad Girl! This 5 reel, 15 line 3D slot game puts you, the player, in charge of your destiny! Choose GOOD or BAD, or play both sides and gain complete control over your gameplay experience! Featuring Free Spins, Money Wheels, Click Mes and more, you’ve never seen Good and Bad look so Good!
Game provider Betsoft
Game platform
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Game reviews

Brittney M
September 03, 2020
Fun concept
I like the options to play in three different modes - either all good girl, all bad girl, or both together. The bonus wheel Has a good variety to keep from getting bored too quickly
This is another great online slot machine game to satisfy your needs. Are you naughty or nice? Good girl or bad girl? You will spin the reel over and over till you find out just how good it can get. This is a very flashy online 3d slot machine game complete with 5 reels. You can bet on up to 15 lines on this particular slot game so there are many many ways to win here. You are in charge of your own destiny. Choose between Good or BAD, or you can opt to play both sides and you will optimize your gaming experience and open up your options. You can win “Free Spins”, hit “Money Wheels”, “Click Mes” and much much more.
Make bad look good by hitting as many bonuses as possible. The 3D graphics are great in this particular online video slot machine game and we are certain you will really enjoy spinning away while fully experiencing the beautifully animated visuals. You have many icons in this game including the Bad Girl, the Good Giirl, 10, A, J, Q, K, the good angelic cat and the evil bad cat. The standard payouts from strongest to weakest are as follows, the Good Girl, the Bad Girl, the Good Angelic Cat, the Evil Bad Cat, A, K, Q, J and 10. The Good Girl and Bad Girl will wield you 1800 credits if you line up 5 of them, 450 credits if you line up 4 and 100 credits if you line up 3. The Good Angelic Cat and Evil Bad Cat will both wield you 900 credits if you line up 5 of them, 225 if you line up 4 and 50 credits if you line up 3 of them. All letters and numbers (A, J, Q, K and 10) are worth 450 credits for 5, 150 credits for 4 and 25 credits for 3.
 Line them up plus hit your wheel bonuses to win the big time and laugh all the way to your local bank. In this particular game you can bet up to 5 coins per line. Your strategy here should be to bet small and when you feel the GOOD girl in you is about to hit a big spin, hit the “Max Bet” button and let her rip.