Five Times Wins

4.4 out of 5 stars.

Taking players back to the flavor of ancient Las Vegas casino floors, Five Times Wins slot draws from the very foundations of online casino gambling. The slot game does not have any intricate gaming features or frills, allowing players to enjoy the beauty of a simple and uncomplicated gameplay with lots of rewards to be won.
There are no bonus rounds, free spins, scatters, progressive jackpots, or even a background soundtrack or 3D video animations in the Five Times Wins slot game. All players receive is the simplicity of a three-row, three-reel slot game with one to three active pay lines and a highly profitable wild with multipliers attached.
The nicest thing about Five Times Wins is its clean and basic layout, which, combined with a wonderful introduction, provides a welcome break from the monotony of traditional slot games for players who find current slots too difficult and complex. Though the game is compatible with mobile phones, laptops, desktop computers, and tablets, the game's basic gameplay will transport you to ancient Las Vegas casinos with traditional slot machines.
Both the artwork and the music transport you to a bygone era of fruity slot machines tucked away in a quiet bar's back area. Cherry, single, double, and triple bars, and three distinct coloured 7s, as well as a 5x multiplying Wild, are among the few and simple symbols.
You'll be amazed to learn that, despite its simple gameplay, the game has an astounding RTP of nearly 96 percent, far outperforming the sophisticated slots that currently populate the online casino market. Landing three Wilds in a row awards a big prize of 5000 coins. Even a single coin bet pays out 1500 coins if three Wilds appear in a succession, indicating that even the simplest bets may yield big payouts.

Game provider Rival
Game platform
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Game reviews

Joanna B
April 11, 2023
Enjoyed it
I had I had fun with this game.
Jason B
June 15, 2021
love it hate it love it again
when its good its good but Neve good enough
Nicole N
November 13, 2020
Love it!
Even on a nine cent bet the slot pays out 7.50
Jeannie r
October 16, 2020
Will not play
Kathy D
August 14, 2020
Love this game!
Paul S
July 28, 2020
should be called boring simple slot
The basis for this is a very simple slot machine. It does not pay very much for your spins! It is very boring and lacks engagement… Don’t waste your spends!
Gil A
July 10, 2020
Fun if you like to lose
great for new players. Can’t lose. Now can’t win. Going through 100s like crazy. Unbelievable change. I do expect to win enough to at least play a while. But not here
Kylee C
May 22, 2020
Five times wins
This game is always my "come up" game. It seems to pay well when betting low lol
ส่น ค
February 16, 2020

Five Times Wins text slot players back to the basics of online casino gaming in the form of this classic bandits lot that brings back the flavor of the old Las Vegas casino floors. Without any complicated game features or frills, Five Times Wins allows players to relish in the beauty of a simple and straightforward gameplay with plenty of rewards to bag. 
The Five Times Wins slot game does not offer any bonus round, free spins, scatter, progressive jackpot or even a background soundtrack and 3D video animations. All that players get is to enjoy the simplicity of a 3 rows, 3 reels slot game with 1 to 3 active pay lines along with a highly rewarding wild with attached multipliers. While the entire slot game universe is heading for the future, Five Times Wins retains the simplicity of the past and how!
The best part about Five Times Wins is it clear and simple layout paired with a great introduction offering those players a respite from the humdrum of typical slot games who find modern slots too confusing and complex. Though the game is entirely compatible with mobiles, laptops desktops and tablets, its simple gameplay will take you back to the old casinos of Las Vegas with typical slot machines. 
Both the graphics and music take you back to the fruity slot machines of the past resting in a back lounge of a quiet bar. Symbols are few and minimally designed including cherries, single, double, and triple bars, and three differently colored 7s along with a 5x multiplying Wild. 
You would be surprised to know that the game offers an impressive RTP of nearly 96% despite such a simple gameplay, doing much better than the complicated slots crowding the online casino universe today. Landing 3 Wilds together lands a massive 5000 coins jackpot. Even a single coin bet rewards players with 1500 coins for landing 3 Wilds in a row, meaning you can easily go high in rewards with the simplest of bets. 
Overall, if you are a lover of old casino games you will find Five Times Wins thoroughly enjoyable to the core. We say this because the simple graphics and gameplay may not appeal to everyone and have a smaller fan base. if you identify yourself with the latter, head over straight to the Five Times Wins slots and take a shot!