4.7 out of 5 stars.

Fa Fa Fa XL by Qora Games Is the perfect example of a slot game classic in the wide world of online casino gaming, taking players back to the timeless simplicity of 19th century slot machines that people loved to engage in. The simplicity of the game is its highlight itself, with a single horizontal pay line across the middle reel in this 3-reel online casino format. 
There is only one character in this simple and straightforward online casino game – the Mandarin phrase Fa, which translates into law or standard. You may play the game either for free or for real cash, the choice is completely yours. What you would want to note is that the game has an extremely flexible betting range from 1.50 to 1000.0, meaning that people of all pocket sizes have something to take back from this ageless classic.
With no wilds or scatters or bonuses in the picture, it is the Mandarin phase ‘Fa’ itself that comes in three different colors, and all you have to do is land these symbols on the middle reel in some winning combination. Landing three green symbols will reward you 25 points, three blue ones will gift you 50 points, while three red Fa symbols will immediately unleash a jackpot worth 100 coins at once! That’s not all – you can still win 5 points each for landing different-colored Fa symbols on the middle reel payline, and some points for landing two identical and one distinct color. 
With an RTP of 96.16% and such a flexible betting range, the medium volatility game of Fa Fa Fa XL is just the perfect experience for every slot lover out there trying to look for something new these days. If you want to invest time in slots not just for the sake of entertainment or money but for the real experience, Fa Fa Fa XL is the one-stop destination for you. 

Game provider Qora-Gaming
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Game reviews

Jason J
March 30, 2022
Great game
This is a fun and exciting game. As low as .25 Can win you 44 dollars. 1.00 can win you 188 dollars. I love playing this game and the payout is awesome

Classic slots usually come with a special, timeless edge to them, and Fa Fa Fa XL by Qora Games is the perfect example of this charisma. The game’s special gameplay lies in its simplicity, with just a single horizontal pay line across the middle in a three-reel online casino format. There is a single character on the game as well, a Mandarin phrase ‘Fa’ meaning law or standard.
While you may play the game for free or for real cash, bets start at just 1.50. This makes Fa Fa Fa XL one of the best choices for pockets of every size. You can take your bets up to 1000.0 however, meaning that the game is perfectly suitable even for the big hit lovers. Running from left to right, the single pay line is actually quite complex to crack, as wins tend to fall “between the lines”, reducing your chances for a win.
Interestingly, there are just four regular symbols to play with. We have already described the character Fa which comes in an assortment of colors. landing three green symbols will pay you 25 coins while landing 3 blue symbols will bring 50 coins on the other hand 3 red symbols offer a jackpot price of 100 coins. You may even land 3 symbols off three different colors in which case each rewards you with five points. Landing two identical and one different symbol will also give you some gains to continue with.
There are no wilds or scatters in this game neither any bonus rounds, multipliers or any of the usual features you are acquainted with when it comes to slot games. You will not even come across any gamble feature in this game. This is because the Fa Fa Fa XL game tries to re imbibe the experience and qualities of a classic slot. Special features have been replaced with basic payouts, which means that you can expect decent returns. 
One of the best game elements is the feature when you register a win. The ‘fa’ symbol immediately bursts into flames, leading to an amazing graphic effect which is the highlight of the game with an impressive RTP of 96.16% and medium volatility, Fa Fa Fa XL is the ideal slot game for all types of casino lovers whether beginners or veterans.