Dragon Harmony

4.8 out of 5 stars.

Dragon Harmony is a slot game that pays homage to the Chinese New Year in more ways than one. Not only does its dragon-based themes focus on the cultural significance of the Orient, but the gameplay also focuses on bringing to light the sublime festivities with wins and and amazing graphics. Developed by Rival Gaming, this is one slot game where high rewards go hand-in-hand with high risks.

Lanterns and decorations sprawl across the streets of Chinatown under the canopy of a dim moonlight. On one side, there is a dragon, grinning at the player and hoping for his good fortune. At the center lies a slot with designed edges.

The general symbols of this game are ones common in Chinese folklore. There is the dragon, the turtle, the crane, the frog, and the laughing Buddha. Some symbols focus on the great emperors who put their mark across Chinese history.

Dragon Harmony is a 5-reel, 4-row video slot with 10 pay lines. As players match the symbols, they will be rewarded from left to right. The game’s bonus features, which constitute spins, get triggered when the bonus symbols appear three or more times. Getting the right symbols during the free spins also triggers a respin.

Overall, the game puts a lot of effort into harmonizing the best features of a slot game in one game. Therefore, Dragon Harmony can be good for veterans as well as new players. That being said, the RTP of this game only lies at 94.9%. While it means the risk brought on by this game is higher, so are the rewards that come with it.

Game provider Rival
Game platform
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Enter the Chinese New Year with Dragon Harmony. This dragon-themed slot game not only highlights the cultural significance of the Orient but also focuses on illuminating the festive atmosphere through impressive graphics and winning opportunities. Developed by Rival Gaming, this slot game combines high rewards with high risks.

Chinatown streets are adorned with lanterns and decorations beneath the soft glow of the moonlight. A grinning dragon on one side beckons for good fortune, while at the center, a slot with meticulously designed edges awaits.

The game features symbols rooted in Chinese folklore, including the dragon, turtle, crane, frog, and laughing Buddha. Some symbols showcase the great emperors who left their mark on Chinese history.

Dragon Harmony is a 5-reel, 4-row video slot with 10 pay lines. Players are rewarded from left to right as they match symbols. Bonus features, such as spins, are triggered when the bonus symbols appear three or more times. Additionally, landing the right symbols during free spins activates a respin.

In its quest to harmonize the best aspects of a slot game, Dragon Harmony caters to both veterans and new players. However, it's important to note that the game's RTP is 94.9%, signifying higher risk but also offering greater rewards. So enter the streets of China during this new year and spin your way to win.