Dog Pound Dollars

4.2 out of 5 stars.

If you remember Disney's 1924 film Alice and the Dogcatcher, dogs and dog catchers have been bitter foes for decades. Now, Rival Gaming's new slot Dog Pound Dollars revives this exciting conflict in the shape of an entertaining slot game with large payouts, typing symbols, and an intriguing premise to exploit.
Different varieties of dogs, as well as everything the dog catcher is doing to entice the dogs in, such as tennis balls and dog chow, are symbols on the reels. Sausage Dogs pays 125 times, Fire Dogs pays 250 times, Saint Bernard’s pays 400 times, and Dobermans pays 750 times on the slots. A rare scatter emblem appears in the game, which can award players with up to 500 times their total stake. To top it all off, the Queen Poodle Jackpots show up now and again, promising players 750x their wager right away.
Bulldogs are a fascinating wild symbol in Dog Pound Dollars, and they may reward players up to 10,000 coins in a single spin. These wilds also act as substitutes for other symbols, forming new winning combinations while also doubling the payouts on the pay lines. Keep an eye out for the free spins symbols, since landing three, four, or five of them awards 15 free spins as well as tripling any prizes instantly.
If you believe that dogs are a man's best friend and that you enjoy online casino games, Dog Pound Dollars is the place for you to invest your money and time. And in case you were wondering, you can easily play this game for free until you get familiar enough with the game to start investing real money.

Game provider Rival
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Dogs and dog catchers have been sworn enemies for decades, if you can recall Disney’s Alice and the Dogcatcher movie that dates back to 1924. Now, Rival Gaming’s refreshing slot Dog Pound Dollars brings back this lively battle in the form of a fun slot game offering players huge rewards, typing symbols and an interesting premise to make the most of. 
Symbols on the reels include different types of dogs besides everything that the dog catcher is using to lure the dogs in, including tennis balls and dog food. The high paying symbols on the slots include Sausage Dogs paying 125x, Fire Dogs paying 250x, Saint Bernard’s paying 400x and Dobermans paying 750x. The game also features a special scatter icon that can reward players with up to 500x they are total bet. To top this all, the Queen Poodle Jackpots makes an appearance from time to time offering players 750x their bet straight away. 
Dog Pound Dollars has an interesting wild symbol in the form of Bulldogs that can win players up to 10,000 coins in a single go. These wildes also replace other symbols to create new winning combinations while doubling the prices on the pay lines at the same time. Keep a tab on the free spins symbols, landing 3, 4 or 5 of which reward players with 15 free spins besides tripling all the rewards instantly. 
If you consider dogs to be a man's best friend, and also love online casino experiences at the same time, Dog Pound Dollars is exactly where you should put your money and time in. And in case you were wondering, you can easily play this game for free until you get familiar enough with the game to start investing real money.