Crown of Camelot

4.8 out of 5 stars.

Crown of Camelot is a high-intensity video slot, a crown jewel of Rival. This 3-reel slot game is innovative and fun and presents multipliers offering huge rewards. Highly volatile when it comes to odds and highly graphical when it comes to gameplay, Crown of Camelot is a game that will suit all players.

The game begins as players click the play button to dive into the legend of Excalibur. It is a tale as old as time in which King Arthur is pitted against the mighty dragon. The fantastical soundtrack in the background and a quaint landscape showing fields and mountain ranges on one side and King Arthur’s Castle on another is a sight to behold.

A 3x3 video slot with 5 paylines, Crown of Camelot features symbols ripped straight out from the Arthurian legend. Queen Morgana, Excalibur, and King Arthur himself are the special symbols, and the same old alpha-numeric symbols make up for the rest of the slot.

The key feature of this game is the “Sticky Wild,” which holds the Wild in place for a re-spin. Re-spins continue until new wild crowns keep appearing; Wilds can give you up to a 4x multiplier in a single game. Betting amount ranges from $0.25 to $15. However, the maximum multiplier one can obtain is yet to be revealed.

Overall, the game is huge. Its fantastical undertones are something to look forward to, and the “sticky wild” feature is an invitation to big wins. While the low RTP of only 94.3% leaves much to be desired, Crown of Camelot is a 3x3 slot suitable for those who can digest the high-risk, high-reward scenarios.

Game provider Rival
Game platform
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Dive into the legendary tale of Excalibur as you explore Crown of Camelot, a dazzling high-intensity video slot that exemplifies the pinnacle of Rival's innovative game design. This 3-reel slot, perfect for those who appreciate high stakes and visually stunning gameplay, offers exciting multipliers that can lead to substantial rewards. As you hit the play button, immerse yourself in the battle between King Arthur and a mighty dragon, set against a fantastical soundtrack and picturesque visuals of lush fields, mountain ranges, and the majestic King Arthur’s Castle.

Featuring a 3x3 grid with 5 paylines, Crown of Camelot brings to life the iconic symbols of Arthurian legend, such as Queen Morgana, Excalibur, and King Arthur himself. Traditional alphanumeric symbols complete the array, adding a classic touch to the reels.

The game's most innovative feature, the Sticky Wild, keeps Wild symbols in place for re-spins that continue as long as new wild crowns are discovered, with potential multipliers up to 4x.

While the betting range of $0.25 to $15 accommodates various player budgets, the maximum multiplier and the excitement it can bring remain tantalizingly undisclosed. Despite a lower RTP of 94.3%, Crown of Camelot offers an exhilarating gambling experience, particularly for those who thrive on high-risk, high-reward scenarios. Step into the world of Crown of Camelot and let the legends guide you to extraordinary victories. Are you ready to craft your own legend?