Costume Party

4.1 out of 5 stars.

Costume Party by Rival is one of the most refreshing slot games you will come across, leaving the gates of imagination open far and wide. The slot game is genuinely unique, and there is nothing else like it in the casino gaming world. Because of its unusual subject, the game goes to great lengths to provide slot game fans with the greatest in originality and rewards.
Reels on the game spin horizontally instead of vertically, while the pay table unlocks characters during the game itself as you spin them. That’s not all – symbols of discrete heads, arms and legs abound on the reels along with different costumes of nurses, chickens, cowboys, knights, astronauts, monsters, witches as well as superheroes. Players must match the entire set to score bigger rewards! 
The Wild is represented by the Silver Ape Suit icon that can replace all regular symbols when it appears, thus creating new winning possibilities. Whenever a player wins a game, a special animated sequence appears in which the character performs an act on stage to a custom tune. There are some bits about the gameplay that you will thoroughly appreciate, such as the convenient yet wide betting range and the option of Autoplay for players. The unique slot game offers a maximum coin jackpot of 5400 coins, making it a highly rewarding online casino experience in all. 

Game provider Rival
Game platform
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Game reviews

Christina S
April 29, 2022
Costume party game
I liked it, it was fun, liked the music and it was enjoyable to play

Costume Party is a unique and refreshing slot game offering by Rival Gaming based on the theme of, as the name already gives away, a vibrant costume party open to all sorts of imagination. The slot game is truly one of a kind, and there is nothing like this out in the casino gaming universe. Because of its quirky theme, the game really leaves no stones unturned to bring the best of creativity and rewards to slot game lovers. 
The first highlight of the game is that the reels spin horizontally instead of vertically, and players must land matching symbols in this manner to register a win. The pay table also boasts of a unique feature that unlocks characters during the game itself as you spin them. Symbols on the reels are so wide-ranging that it is tough not to be surprised when they appear one after another. 
Characters include nurses, chickens, cowboys, knights, astronauts, monsters, witches as well as superheroes – basically anything and everything that you can imagine going to a costume party as. Keep in mind that the reels have plenty of arms, legs and heads as symbols, and you have to match them with their costumes to bag the best rewards. 
The Silver Ape Suit icon is the Wild on the reels, substituting any other regular symbols when it appears and creating new winning combinations. A matching head and leg from the reels then proceed to match with it, creating the entire set. 
Whenever players score a win in the game, it leads to a special animated sequence where the character performs an act on stage to a bespoke song. The foxy nurse appears randomly for you to keep a tab on, and if you manage to collect the whole set, expect all of them to come out and shake their legs together. 
Rival’s Costume Party slot offers a sufficiently wide range of bets as well, which is fair enough considering how widely appealing and popular this game is set to become. Players can easily set up automatic spins because of the way reels function in this slot. One has to call Costume Party one of the most unique slots in the entire casino gaming universe, with a convenient betting range from 0.01 to 45.00, and a maximum coin jackpot of 5400 coins. Though the game has no Free Spins, Scatters or Bonuses to offer, all of that is made up for with its weirdly unique gameplay, unique premise, and eye-catching symbols.