Big Cash Win

4.4 out of 5 stars.
Big Cash Win by Rival is one of your best bets when seeking the combination of timeless casino experience and high rewards out of a single game. The 3-reel classic slot brings to screens a refreshing game that boasts of a straightforward gameplay, no hidden or complicated features, and yet plenty of exciting rewards to take back home. 
Symbols on the reels of Big Cash Win typically appear in combinations of either 1, 2 or 3, the most valuable being when they land in triple combos. For instance, while 1 or 2 cherries reward players with anything between 1 to 10 coins, the triple combination of single, double, and triple bars on the reels pay 20 to 40, 30 to 60 and 40 to 80 coins respectively for landing identical symbols each. Other symbols include the golden 7s and the Big Cash Win logo, the latter being the most valuable symbol in the entire game. 
Though Big Cash Win sticks to the classic old format that casinos actually began with, devoid of any special features like modern slots, the game manages to impress and how! Apart from its carefully curated list of rewarding symbols, the thoroughly crafted yet simple gameplay makes Big Cash Win one of the only slot game classics that leaves us wanting more.  
Game provider Rival
Game platform
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Game reviews

Marissa B
March 19, 2024
Rival always delivers
This game has pretty good payouts, Rival games always keep me coming back.
Jacqueline B
April 28, 2021
All time favorite game!
I have played this game for many years and I still love it and it is my all-time favorite 3-reel game!
Maximiliano L
March 04, 2021
Really Reliable
When you have almost absolutely nothing left in your account, bad luck has been haunting your win streak, down to the bottom of the barrel, feeling like there is nothing that can save you from making another deposit, well Big Cash Win can turn that frown upside down.. Coming from somebody with numerous personal experiences.. Great 3 reel slot that will have you at the edge of your seat smiling thinking "this cant be real".. With great options for betting starting from 1 cent you cannot go wrong with this gamble..
Benjamin P
October 30, 2020
Cannot believe how fast i actually won a Big cash win and in record time. so pleased with sports and casino
Jason G
October 02, 2020
ii liked it its very easy and esay to play and understand it wins
started with 1.38 and won over $100 very entertaining
Austin S
September 09, 2020
Lamest game ever
Deborah A
August 08, 2020
like games that dont have so many reels
Sarah L
May 28, 2020
A timeless classic
No matter if I have 5$ or $500, I will always play this slot. It's fair, got good odds always, and plenty of different options for wagering and how many coins per bet you want to play. It pays out constantly, wish eventually they would make a #2 version with a bonus round if sorts, that would make it even better!

Imagine getting to indulge in your favorite 3-reel classic slot while still bagging huge cash prizes! Exciting, isn’t it? Big Cash Win by Rival is a refreshing slot game classic built on the same premise that makes for the perfect destination for both new and old slot lovers looking for a break from the humdrum of typical modern slots.
With a simple and straightforward 3-reel gameplay, Big Cash Win makes it incredibly easy for new players to step into the world of online casino gaming. All you need to do before kickstarting the action is choose the number of bets you want to place on each reel’s spin. The paytable on the left already gives away what prizes you must expect out of the different symbols and features that might come your way. With no hidden Wilds, Scatters or Bonuses, the game refrains from complicating the flow for players and focuses on the best of classic casino experiences. 
Symbols on the reels of Big Cash Win vary from 1 symbol and 2 symbol icons as the lesser paying prizes are concerned. These include symbols like 1 or 2 cherries, which reward players with anything between 1 to 10 coins, the Big Cash Win icons rewarding 2 to 30 coins. Next come the 3-icon combinations, which are more valuable than the 1s and the 2s. Single, double, and triple bars on the reels pay 20 to 40, 30 to 60 and 40 to 80 coins respectively for landing identical symbols in combinations of three. On similar lines, you will find that landing three cherries or three golden 7s bring much better rewards.
However, the most valuable of them all is a combination of three Big Cash Win icons, that straightaway pays 750 coins when playing 1 coin. Playing 2 coins will land you an extra 500-coin bonus, which means you can get up to 2000 coins for landing this highest prize jackpot.