What is a payout percentage or RTP?

The abbreviation of ‘return to player’ is RTP. The RTP of a casino game is the theoretical pay-out percentage of a game at a casino, either land based or online, that is expected to pay out over some time.

Once a game is activated and the reels begin spinning it is expected that the game will eventually pay-out said percentage to the player over an estimated time of active spins.

The RTP percentage indicates what the theoretical pay-out will be from the game and has been calculated by gaming software developers. For example, if a slot game displays an RTP of 97%, it has been estimated by gaming software developers that an eventual pay-out on a play of 100.00 would be 97.00.

Gaming software providers use formulas that test the games to return the estimated RTP percentage and then only provide this information to players. This isn’t an exact science as volatility, features, jackpots, and other factors does some into play that will affect how much you get paid out.

How Does Return To Player Affect You?
The idea of choosing a game based solely on the RTP will affect the feeling you get when you win. This is because the RTP and the volatility of a game are two distinct aspects often mistaken to be the same. Often, high volatility games have a lower theoretical RTP as the features are more intricate and the jackpot prizes are larger than that of low volatility games. Though these jackpots are coveted by most, they produce lower RTP percentages considering the features, jackpots and bonuses contribute a larger portion to the RTP and the volatility of a slot game.

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