How do online casino odds work?

A random number generator, commonly referred to as an “RNG”, is the backbone of any online casino’s odds. It is the tool that creates the randomness in the results of any hand, spin or bet played at the casino.

 Since a truly random NRG can’t rely on a mathematical equation or algorithm to produce random numbers because by its very nature, an equation is not random and could be manipulated, casino RNGs must pull their results from a natural event such as electromagnetic noise or radioactive decay. In fact, the RNG that we employ at SlotsandCasino uses just that, radioactive decay, to determine our game outcomes.

The true randomness of this phenomenon can be difficult to understand as it is governed by the laws of quantum mechanics, but the important take away from all of this is that our odds, and the odds at any reputable online casino can be trusted to be completely random and cannot be manipulated or adjusted.

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