European Roulette Deluxe

4.8 out of 5 stars.

Inspired by the good old casino favourite, European Roulette Deluxe is an exclusive new video slot game by Dragon Gaming. Launched as a one-of-a-kind digital adaptation of the widely popular roulette, this all-new slot game is all about celebrating casinos and their unique elegant vibe in the form of a minimalist yet strikingly stunning gameplay design that emanates deluxe vibes. 
European Roulette Deluxe brings together the glamour of the good old classic roulette and the love for modern minimalism in a single interface, allowing players to wager and win heavily. Rules are simple and exactly like conventional roulette games, with players enjoying superior control over their game settings, which they can do with just a few taps or clicks. Another remarkable feature of the game is its special intuitive nature, making it ideal for both novices and casino veterans. 
With an RTP of 97.3%, the game performs better than the average slot game in terms of rewards and returns. Rules are just like conventional roulette games, with a single zero pocket and an attractive house edge of merely 2.7%. Several wagering options are available to players, including red/black, odd/even, single numbers, and so on. The betting limits are quite exhaustive too, from 1 to 500, allowing enough room for every pocket size in the game. 

Game provider Dragon-Gaming
Game platform
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Bringing to digital life the sophistication, style and elegance of an age-old casino favourite, European Roulette is an all-new video slot table game by Dragon Gaming. The game exclusively celebrates the shared love for good old roulette, embodying the very colours, sheen and style that the game has been known for through a near-reality digital adaptation of the same. 
European Roulette Deluxe is truly all about a deluxe gameplay, blending together the glamour of the old casino classic and the much-in-demand minimalism of new-age digital games. The result is a light, yet remarkable gaming experience with plenty of opportunities for players to wager and win heavily. When it comes to game functions, European Roulette Deluxe has a very simple and smooth experience to offer overall, lending complete control to the player in terms of setting features within a few clicks or taps. The game also boasts of an intuitive nature, making it ideal for both first-timers and established veterans to handle the various steps with ease. 
Rules for playing European Roulette Deluxe are pretty simple. In fact, they are in no way different than the conventional casino roulette games we are used to playing. With a single zero pocket and an attractive house edge of merely 2.7%, the game offers several familiar wagering options, including red/black, even/odd, and single numbers, to name a few. Betting limits are flexible and wide-ranging, from 1 to 500, meaning there is something for every pocket size in this game. The game’s RTP is also equally impressive at 97.3%, considerably higher than the industry average. 
European Roulette Deluxe beats all conventional video slot games in terms of appearance and visual design though. Key statistics are available on the screen display, along with last several numbers of your sessions and the total table coverage for the current bet alongside. The game can be played conveniently on laptops, desktops and smartphones alike, which is quite interesting considering the dramatic shift of roulettes right from the casino to our screens! The sleek dark backdrop of the game is in perfect conjugation with the minimalistic yet eye-catching colour scheme of golden, red and green. Players have the option of switching between landscape and portrait modes as per their convenience, and the overall gaming experience is certainly very authentic and enjoyable throughout.